So last night I went to the midnight release of a few big name games at my local GameStop. As I waited in line with fellow gamers for these exciting new titles I overheard fans of the Assassins Creed series and Battlefield series telling me about their favorite moments in the each of their prospective games. I stood there and listened smiling to myself as I overheard them talking of memories, this that and the other thing, and finally a lively debate sparked between a young lady and gentlemen a few feet behind me. As the debate took shape it had made me wish I was more involved with the conversation, but at midnight releases I normally spend my time day dreaming or looking at the shelves and trying to find that hidden gem my video game collection needs. The debate was between which series had more fans there that night, which was interesting but I was off in my own world so I was only catching bits and pieces of the conversation behind me. As I lost interest in looking over games, I began to think about how many of the 300 or so people at this store were there for which game, just as the conversation behind me was doing.  As I stood there thinking to myself, the small man behind me (to be honest, everyone is small in comparison to me so maybe he was a normal height and I am just freakishly large. I often find myself wondering if I am a real giant. Sorry, back on topic.) The man asked me what game I was here waiting in line to pick up. Without hesitation, I responded with a smile, "Pac-Man ghostly adventures for the Wii U."


    Everyone around me chuckled, obviously thinking I was telling a joke and went back to each of their conversations. I smiled and went back to thinking about the fact that I might be a giant which led me down a very long road of randomness inside my day dreams. As midnight grew closer, we were moved into line. Thankfully as this is my GameStop, which I love and visit often, they used me to start the second line and those behind me were able to cut in front of some people whom had been there longer. I felt bad, but it isn’t my fault that they used me to start the second line at a different register. I am just a loyal customer who visits a lot and gives them great reviews. I think they were just trying to get people in and out faster as well, maybe I was just randomly at the half way marker the choose to use.


Now we get to my favorite part of the evening. As I walked up to the counter and asked for my copy of Pac-man Ghostly adventures, I felt like I could actually hear the confusion flowing from the little (or normal sized) man behind me. The look the GameStop employee gave me was also very amusing because he could see his face which I can only imagine was contorted in ways that would be hard to imagine (in my head he looked like a twisted faced clay-mation creature Tim Burton would think up, also that reminds me, it is time for me to watch A Nightmare Before Christmas. I love Halloween.) I also was allowed to hold the new Play station 4 controllers which made my night and I pre-ordered the new camera for the PS4 as well. With all that happened that night I only played my new game Pac-Man ghostly adventures for an hour or so and then went to bed because I had to teach the next day. But as I drifted to sleep this thought came into my head and took me quickly into a world where day dreams and dreams meet as you wait for REM sleep to kick in. What is the most obscure game I ever waited in line for? Often I have to go to Wal-Mart to get them because they don’t get enough pre-orders to get a midnight release but Wal-Mart is always open so every night is a midnight release. Well done wall mart, well done indeed.




So that is what lead me to write this blog and ask you fellow GIO members, what is the most obscures game you ever went to a midnight release of? Was it a block buster you went to a gaming store for or was it a game that you were in love with that you went to a 24 hour Wal-Mart to purchase because you couldn’t wait? I just saw an opening last night to go get a game that I would have loved when I was little as a Pac-man fan and my first hour of game play last night was really good. When I beat it I will more than likely keep it but we will see when that time comes.