Often I like to wait to play a new game in a series until I have played the older ones. Last year my best friend bought me Mass Effect 3 as a gift. It came in a cool N7 collectors edition, even though I still don't know what N7 stands for. He told me Mass Effect is this great gaming franchise and I needed to try it out. I told him I would when I was done with other games on my list. However, I have this issue with video games, because I didn't play a lot of non-sports games when I was younger, there are 100's of titles out there that I know nothing about. This game fell into that category. It sounds like a cool game. From what I have been told, you are some sort of space Cop and you have other cultures working with you and you fly around fighting bad guys. 

IF you are a die hard fan, please know that I am not trying to offend you. I am just putting it down in my voice and giving it a very genrel description because I haven't played it and am trying to make a point, Stay with me.

So I went a head and bought Mass Effect (One) and put it in the heap of games to play. I was going to try it out but other games came up. Skyrim had just been released and well that took  a lot of time. It was still Madden season for me (from August till about February) and then NBA 2K12 came out and that runs me from March or so till the summer where NCAA 13 and Madden 13 were about to come out. So I put it off, for a long, long time. Well today on my lunch break I read the beginning of a blog talking about Mass Effect 3 being one of the games of the year. Game of the year!! That is huge in my mind and I still haven't played it. I have a few students who talk about it and I have tried to show interest and have listened to them talk about it and told them that I plan on playing the game at some point in the next few months. (I also told them I made the same promise last year and look where it got me)

The game sounds interesting to me but other games just kept jumping to the front runners spot and I just didn't get around to playing it. 

That takes us to my decision. Do I need to play Mass Effect (one) to fully understand the story in Mass Effect 3 or can I simply skip to the newest edition and begin. I am trying to go through this in my head, there are so many games that I am currently trying to play because my college friends, high school friends, family, and GIO community tell me are worth trying but there are just so many games to get through. It seems every day I add another game to the list on my Iphone of games I need to play/research. Either a blog, one of my student's comments, or browsing at game libraries has added almost 150 games to my list. If I wasn't typing this up on my Ipad 2 I would post it on here. (Still not computer savvy enough to figure that out and I wanted to get this up before practice tonight)

From this thought we go back to my main point, do we HAVE to start from the beginning. If I am being honest, my answer is yes. Borderlands 2 wouldn't have been as much fun for me had it not been for the original. Returning to Frystone was huge for me and it made the game even better. There is no way I would recommend someone jumping into Assassins Creed 3 with out playing all of the series. You miss way to much info and the back story is part of what makes it great, at least in my opinion. 

So I ask you, where should my story begin. Mass Effect or Mass Effect 3?

Play Hard!!!!