Currently I teach 6 grades. Not six graders, but six individual grades. My students go from 7th graders to Seniors in high school and I learned something today that will probably stay with me forever. What a 7th grader sees in a game is very different than a senior. What I mean is, the older we get the more we lose site on how amazing Video games are and what they can do.

For example, a student who is kind of a loaner/artistic student came up to me the other day and asked me about a picture on the wall of my office. I said that is the symbol from the original Assassin's Creed game and I had drawn it a long time ago. We spent 20 minutes talking about the picture and to be honest this kid rarely talks during my Physical Education classes. That talk was the first time I (and I later found out any teachers) connected with him. We talked about the game. Then we talked about games we 100% on XBOX Live. That conversation turned into what our favorite games are/were. I was amazed what a picture from a game could do. Then the bell rang and detention was over. Normally I don't do detention but I am glad I covered for another teacher because this helped remind me of the power and influence there is in games. I first started playing non-sports games 5 years ago. Before that I wasn't just sports games, I played big titles friends recommended to me but for the most part it was primarily sports in my collection. I started playing them so I knew what the kids I was teaching, were playing. I wanted to connect with them and now a few years later I continually see the benefits hat video games have brought to both my personal life and my professional life. 

I am posting this more for myself than anyone else. I know that doesnt make a good blog but I am not a great blogger like some of the GIO hall of fame folks. I more so, want to record this thought and share it with those it can apply too. I want to record the thought because often times video games are looked down on or considered childish and that is not the case. It can make real connections and to that end I am proud to be a gamer. Sorry if my rambling wasted your time and hears to a great school year. Cheers.