Why buy anywhere else?


         So I sat down this weekend at a BBQ with some family and friends. It was a good time, fire burning, smores cooking, all the stuff we come to expect. It was one of those things that just make you happy to have family around. But then a topic got started. My friends were talking about driving to Best Buy for the midnight release of NCAA 13. I just sat there and shook my head, not being able to really believe what I was hearing. Ok I know Best Buy is trying to cut in on GameStop’s turf, they know allow you to run in your old games for credit and are giving rewards points and all that jazz but it isn’t GameStop.

       GameStop is about the gamers. I worked at one in South Dakota before I moved and got my first teaching job. The whole premise for that company is to be there for you, the gamer. They want to give gamers the best experience they can. If you cant find a game you are looking for, they want to help you find it. I cant tell you how many hours I spent on the phone calling other stores trying to find a game for a customer. That is the backbone of GameStop. Trying to give you what you want. Then the power-up rewards points are amazing, my gaming center is built on free things I earned with my points, my Xbox 360 controller charger, my Wii controller charger, my Game Cube, my collectors edition glider from Assassins creed. All of that free because I earned points buying the games I was already going go buy.

       I tried to explain this too them but they rebutted with the fact Best Buy had other stuff and that only added fuel to my fire. Your right, Best Buy has other stuff, because they aren’t built around gaming. They are built around money!! Then I decided to take matters in my own hands. I picked up my iPhone and looked up the nearest Best Buy and got their number. I then called, got an automated machine that made me push 3 buttons to get to a voice. I then asked the young man if he would recommend Dark Souls or Tiger Woods 12 for a 16 year old boy. Now for those of you readers this is a trick question that also had a trick on the right answer. Watch.


Best Buy employee, “Ummm, I would say that depends, is he into sports games or (pause) what was the first game?”


Me: “Dark Souls.”


Best Buy employee, “I would say either is fine.”


Me, “Well is Tiger woods 12 the newest one?”


Best Buy employee: “Yea it is.”


Me: “Ok thank you very much.”


Click. He hung up with out saying anything.


Now as my friends are gathered around me listening to this as I hung up they just look at me as I am laughing. Then I am asked, “What that sounded right to me?”


Then I called the local GameStop. A person answered on the first ring, told me about the new games coming out and told me his name. The best buy employee never told me his name or offered too. I asked him my question. Which game would you recommend for a 16 year old boy, Dark Souls or Tiger Woods 12.


GameStop Employee: “Well Dark Souls is rated M for mature and is for people over 17, a parent would have to buy it for him and I would say that it is definitely for a certain maturity level.


Me: “Oh really?,” I look at my friends with a smile on my face. “Then I think tiger woods 12 would be the one I will get,” and before I could ask my next question


GameStop employee: “12 or 13, 13 just came out a few weeks ago and is the newest in the franchise.


Me: Smiling even more, “really? I had no idea, 13 would be the one we needed to get. Thank you so much for your time.


GameStop employee: “No problem that’s why we are here, have a great day.


Everyone just sat around and looked at their feet or me and then back to something else. Finally my Brother-in-law said, “Ok so GameStop for the midnight release it is.”


It’s not just because I love GIO or that I loved working for GameStop. It is because it really is the best video game vendor and experience. I just want people to be informed and understand that there is no where else that has the standards that GameStop has and that if you shop anywhere else you are wasting your time. Even if you don’t have a GameStop near you, I have had nothing but great experiences on GameStop.com and the games get here quickly. So I ask again, Why buy anywhere else?