I have been on a bit of a classic movie binge this summer. I have watched all 3 Toy Story's, Godfather part 1 and 2, The Shining, The Day the Earth Stood Still(1951), and The Exorcist.  I want to continue in my quest to see all the 'best' movies of all time, and I could use some suggestions.  I'm not much into anime, so keep that in mind.  Thanks in advance for all suggestions.

P.S. I plan to keep updating this list.

Updates:  Silence of the Lambs, Stripes, Planet of the Apes, Forrest Gump, Spiderman 2, One Flew Over the Coocoos Nest, Shawshank Redemption, Primal Fear, Pan's Labrynith, The Dark Knight, Pulp Fiction, Spirited Away, The Green Mile