I recently finished Bioshock 2, and although I was quite impressed at how well 2K Marin did at recreating the wonder of Rapture, I had a couple of questions about the plot, and Bioshock lore in general. There are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead, so only go on if you have finished Bioshock 2.

My biggest question is about the Vita-Chambers. As far as I know, the first game said that only members of Andrew Ryan's lineage could be reborn in these tanks. The Big Daddy you play as is not related to Ryan. If you can explain this, please comment.

My second question is about the end. Why did Delta have to choose between sacrificing himself or saving himself? It seems like Delta and Eleanor could live just fine, the both of them. It probably has to do with their pair-bonding, but couldn't they just live close together?

Last, in GI's cover story of Bioshock 2, they said that you would get to see the "horrific process by which Adam is harvested". Explanation?

P.S. 2K Marin promised that you would be able to see your feet in Bioshock 2. NO FEET TO BE SEEN.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any comments you can leave to help me sort out the beast that is Bioshock 2.