I'm not going to lie - Capcom has most definitely lost a good percentage of its fanbase over the years. Capcom has gained some nasty nicknames from its fans (Crapcom, Cashwhores, etc.), and the fact that all the hate didn't start until a few years ago makes me uneasy.  From cancelling Megaman Legends 3 while it was in the middle of development (and blaming fans for the lack of support), to making players pay for DLC for a game that was already on the game disc in some shape or form (i.e., Street Fighter X Tekken), and sullying the reputation of their action-evolving Resident Evil series, it seems that all Capcom is doing is pissing off the remaining percentage of the gamers who are loyal to them. They even have an entire webpage dedicated to “what [they’ve] screwed up lately”.

More recently, there's the new DmC, which has done almost nothing but make Capcom lose even more of its fanbase. Sure, it's a good game - as I and many game critics agree - but the agitation and butthurt of many old-school DMC fans has branded it a bad user score of 4.5 on Metacritic (it's not as bad as around a month ago, when it had a 3.0). That's basically a flaw on the consumer's part, not the publisher's; unfortunately, consumers are still an important part of the gaming industry, and if you do something to ruin what they loved about a certain product, you're going to have a problem - intentionally or unintentionally.  


No matter what Capcom does, it seems that they're losing more and more of their fanbase every day. I'm not one of those whiny prepubescent fanboys who's going to piss and moan just because Resident Evil has become more like its cheesy movie adaptations, or that the new Dante is a chain-smoking, foul-mouthed, womanizing emo punk. My concern is that if a great video company can go over 20 years strong with almost no problems, and then suddenly loses support from its fans, then it doesn’t show a good future for many modern-day video game juggernauts like Rocksteady, Ubisoft, Activision, and 2K. (Actually, Activision is already garnering a lot of hatred for their Call of Duty franchise, many who believe it to be overrated. Bad future, ahoy?) Many video game publishers and developers make mistakes – no one’s perfect – but Capcom seems to be taking things to the extreme. Seriously, Capcom - what the hell happened??