He was a worldwide phenomenon. He was adored by millions of fit and in-shape fans. He had a swagger that would put every boy band to shame. His name was Le Hannibal.

What made Le Hannibal so famous and amazing was his secret gift passed down from many generations, dancing. Boy could that man dance. He had the footwork, coordination, finesse, and most importantly, determination. Le Hannibal would always win the matches. His moves would bring his opponents to their knees as they begged to be at the mercy of his godliness.

Le Hannibal put the "hot" in Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff". He put the "sexy" in David Guetta's "Sexy Chick". He even put the "back" in "Baby Got Back". Le Hannibal was the Derek Zoolander of the dancing world. Nothing compared to his exquisite hip motions, pouring emotion, and skill as he was clearly king of the dancing world. Some of the accomplishments he had were the dance moves he made. Moves like the "prowling lynx", "dilapidated dinosaur", "magical manatee", and "double-helix rainbow axis finisher" made everyone envy him. I mean who wouldn't envy the most charming and dashing young dancer who wooed all of the women with his footwork. Nothing could control this beast, but unfortunately for our hero, a dark villain came up from the ground, that threatened to destroy all of dancing: Star Wars Kinect.

What Star Wars: Kinect did to the dancing world was incredibly atrocious; bring dancing to science fiction. Songs like "Han Solo" and "Hologram Girl" drove the dancing world insane; they had no idea how to respond. It's as if one of the horsemen of the apocalypse just slapped dancing across the face. With the dancing world in fear of losing everything to its name they looked upon Le Hannibal.

The dancing world put their confidence in Le Hannibal because he never lost a battle. I mean when 4 people followed his moves in front of the TV screen, one of them always won. Le Hannibal produced winners 25% of the time. He was all the dancing world had; he would be the savior of dancing.

He needed to train. So he did intense physical training by stretching his glutes to places they had never been before. He needed his body in prime condition for the ultimate move "The Flaming Wheel of Hamster". Only accomplished by one other, this move could save the dancing world or make Le Hannibal explode into a billion particles.

Six weeks later, Le Hannibal, fully trained after a bran diet, intense cardio, and moustache growing. A powerful moustache was crucial to Le Hannibal's success against the evils of Star Wars Kinect.

The final day, Le Hannibal enters the arena along with Han Solo.

"Good Luck" Le Hannibal says professionally

"Great kid, don't get cocky" Han solo says angrily

The numbers go up on the board... five minutes till the start anf the song is "My Prerogative" by Bobby Brown.

"Sweet I memorized this song 27 times. I even perfected the double axel at 2:42" Le Hannibal said.

4 minutes passed

3 minutes passed

2 minutes passed

1 minute passed


Le Hannibal went off to a great start not missing a move after the first two minutes. His hips were rotating in ways that had never been seen before; it was a true work of art. His moustache gave him flexibility that no other body part could have. It supported his body for the rare "double helix dragon" moves that were so rare in the dancing world. On the other hand, Han Solo was looking like he still had side effects from being inside carbonite. The song was over. Le Hannibal didn't even need his special move; he absolutely destroyed the evils of Star Wars Kinect and saved the dancing world from the atrocities of Han Solo and Hologram Girl.

While he was being flooded with praise and kisses, a new opponent rose. He was in a dark costume, he put fear into the world's eyes. His name was Justin Dance 3.

"Hey, Le Hannibal I want to fight you for the title of Dancing King"

As he said that Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin, Disco Dan and every Dancing with the Stars cast member flew down and challenged him as well.

So Le Hannibal with an awesome moustache on his face declared "challenge accepted"

*To this day Le Hannibal, Justin Dance 3, Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin, Disco Dan, and every cast member of the DWTS show are dancing to claim the crown. Le Hannibal's mustache is still going strong...

The End... to the most random and absurd blog ever written on GIO

Author's comments:

Hopefully you enjoyed this Le Hannibal because I definitely enjoyed making you into a dancing superstar!

Sorry to EE if I consistently make the GaMe series a joke with my random blogs...