Hello, fellow game players. I've never blogged before. So, I have decided to give it a shot, and start a series. There is NO guarantee that these will be released very often, that's even if you enjoy it. "GET ON WITH IT!!!" Fine. Here we go, with Cheesey's weird opinions, No.1. Transformers: FOC is one of the best games I've ever played. No, seriously. Why do I think this? For quite a lot of reasons, actually. There's the graphics style. It's a mix on the movie style and the old school style. Or, like the ones from the 80's, but with much more detail. It's also VERY colourful and beautiful, with all of the glowing red and purple on the autobots and decepticons, to the many coloured explosions, which brings me onto the fact that there will always be something interesting happeing. High moon clearly didn't just focus on the multiplayer(unlike SOME people) but they also put a TON of work into the campaign, and it shows. Every single level is completely unique, and every character is different (a few exceptions can be made) and has a level made for them. Like, cliffjumper, for example. His cloak gives him the ability to become invisible, and they base a level around this. And jazz, who has a grappling hook, so the level is a little more platform based. And grimlock, who can freaking transform into a fire breathing T-rex. And lets not forget the multiplayer aspect. There's both competitive multiplayer, and escalation, a survival mode. The multiplayer consists of 4 modes: Team deathmatch, conquest, CTF, and head hunter (kill confirmed meets CTF..kind of)and they're all great fun. The customization is really quite nice and lets you create a completely custom transformer, or play as one of your favourites. The classes are quite well balanced, and all of the guns feel unique, and each have their own purpose. Escalation, on the otherhand, is a more co-operative experience. You can play by yourself, but, unless you know the maps very well and have a good strategy, then you might make it to about round 4 or 5, out of 15. 15 waves dosen't sound like much, but it can take around 30 minutes-1 hour to complete, depending on the skill of the players. There can be up to 4 players at once (sadly, no split screen, which I was hoping they would add) and there are 4 characters to choose from in each map. Each one has a certain ability, and the 4 abilities are flak shield (a handleld shield), ultra power core (gives players ammo), heal beam (self explanatory) and a sentry turret (a turret that shoots stuff). Anyway, back to opinion-ing (word inventing is fun :P). Transformers: Fall of cybertron is just an amazing game (or at least, that's what I think) that I still play it frequently to this day, so much so that I almost remember exactly what happens in the campaign. And that, is TFOC. Made by high moon, published by activision, and overated by me. :P