So, some of you know the term completionist, but if you don't I'll tell you what it means if you can't figure out.  Basically, it means that you must complete every single aspect of something or else you aren't satisfied. Now, those of you who know me well know that I am the worst completionist ever. I have a tendency to quit games because I can't get past a certain part. So, what about my good completionist side, and how do those two sides mix? Well, ladies and gentlemen, that is the exact description of my blog.

Sometimes, I get addicted to a game. The most recent example of this is the game Borderlands 2, a game which I love the ever-living crap out of. I am trying my hardest to try to get to level 50 with almost every character, collecting some of the best guns, best shields, and attempting to find every ECHO. Now, contrast this with my experiences with almost every other game. I quit them, don't put any work into them, and let them collect dust. Sometimes I will go back and complete them, such as the case with Arkham City, but most of the time they just sit and are brought back out when I'm bored.

This basically means that I can either be an absurdly dedicated player, or quit after a few days. It's really terrible for me, honestly, because some of these games that people always love, I never finish. Games such as Assassin's Creed, Modern Warfare, Little Big Planet 2, and Skyrim have all gone to waste just because I never get around to completing them. And that's the problem. I spend so much money on games, but I never end up playing them. In other words, I'm terrible with money.

Now you have a small description of my mind as a gamer. Thank you for reading this blog, and sorry for my horribad writing. Hasta luego, my faithful readers.