Okay, this is my first edition of Movies, with me, now I know the movies I watched might seem a little iffy in relation to my personal tastes, so allow me to explain: now first off, I have a reasonably large family (5 people including me) so as you can imagine, we rent movies on occasion, so we went to Wal-mart to use their redbox, now as you may or may not know redbox is a cheap little automated dvd rental box that they install in grocery stores. Redbox is housed in reasonably small case, so the selection is mostly limited to new main stream releases and I only was allowed one movie choice (thankfully redbox is cheap) I chose the Simon Pegg comedy Run Fat Boy, Run. Now I have a nice relationship with my little brother, so I agreed to watch a couple movies with him, G force was his choice, and I thought he'd enjoy 17 again, so we watched the two films, and I was happy to spend time with my brother.

Now, to start G-force is the Jerry Bruckheimer produced guinea pig spy movie, that you've probably heard of, now I was a little uneasy going in thanks to trailers that showcased several fart jokes, but I was pleasantly surprised to find the film to be not only bearable but pretty good, It also features Zach Galafanekis (I know it's not spelled correctly) from the hangover, and comedians Will Arnett and the voice of Tracy Morgan. The movie walks a line between goofball humor and serious spy exploits remarkably well, that's not to say this a masterpiece, but it's a fun movie that won't kill you to rent...this would normall y be where I rate the movie, but I haven't come up with a rating system...yet

then we've got 17 again, the Zac Effron starring comedy, this movie features Effron actually being in something good, and  very funny. The story is basically this,in 1989 the main character Mike O'Reilly, gives up a basketball scholarship to marry his true love. Skip ahead to present day and mike (now played by Mathew Perry) is living with his rich, nerdy best friend after being kicked out of the house by his wife. Mike gets passed up on a job promotion and threatens his boss, losing his job. Mike goes back to his old High school, the last place he can remember where things went his way. Mike meets a strange Janitor and converses with him for a bit, on his way home Mike sees the mysterious janitor on the edge of a bridge, trying to stop the janitor from comitting suicide, Mike runs to the edge and is sucked into a magic whirl pool, next thing you know, Mikes back to his 17 year old self, and PG-13 hilarity insues as he tries to make things right with his family. 17 again surprised me with it's take on the "life switch" genre, like a scene in which his daughter falls in love with him, and several awkward scenes that show how being an adult in your teenage body can cause problems. Anyone who hates Zack Effron, like I used to will see a different side of him in this really well made comedy

That's it for me, hopefully I'll have some more interesting films to talk about next time, and again I'm sorry for the lack of more diverse/obscure/interesting movies.