Yo, yo, yo, welcome to another edition of Divergence;Cast.  Did you miss three guys talking for an over an hour about anime? *crickets*  SURE YOU DID!  And as you've guessed, we're back with the third installment.

After briefly discussing our weeks as per usual, ruining Log Horizon's opening in the process, we jump right into simulcast discussion.  We start out once again with the ever solid Terror in Resonance, talking about what we expect to happen next due to this week's episode being more of a setup for the next.  We also rave about the latest episode of Nozaki, which may very have produced the line of this anime season.  Furthermore, JJ and I gush about how pleasant Barakamon is week in and out, as well as Sabagebu's rather boldly absurd opening segment, then after that, Stranger and JJ talk up the ever wacky JoJo, and we all give our largely positive two cents on Log Horizon, also reacting to the reveal of the start date for season two of the show.  Lastly, we give anime and video game recommendations, with a surprising unanimous choice for the latter (plus one more from JJ).  Other things that happen: my phone interrupts the podcast a third consecutive week, Stranger has Vietnam-like flashbacks to the apparent awfulness of Higurashi Kira, and I hear things.  Sounds like a good time, no?

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Have fun listening to episode three, and we'll be back next week!