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"Snow.  Helping to knock off top teams since who knows when..."

Welcome, everybody, to the first week of playoff action in the Game Informer Online 2014 Fantasy Football League.  As I said in the previous entry, all thirteen weeks have led to this.  With upsets aplenty, the first round did not disappoint (well, I can think of a FEW people who weren't satisfied), and next week it comes down to the final four teams.  I'll cover that a little later in the recap, because first I'm going to cover...

The Consolation Ladder Games:

#10 Bourbon St Skankzillas 85
#9 Hand of Thrawn 129

Kicking off this week and serving as the lead in to the consolation ladder section is the a** kicking Hand of Thrawn provided to the Bourbon St Skankzillas, the former taking the first round match 129 to 85.  The let down of a season continues for TOGNick's Bourbon St.ers, Philip Rivers (19 pts), Maurice Jones-Drew (12 pts), Jimmy Graham (17 pts), DeSean Jackson (11 pts), and Sebastian Janikowksi (10 pts) leading the way in the losing effort.  The ninth seeded Hand of Thrawn proved to be too much though, Andrew Luck (a game leading 32 pts), Jamaal Charles (27 pts), Chris Ivory, A.J. Green and Vincent Jackson (13 pts to each), and Jerome Simpson (10 pts) winning the team the game.

Hand of Thrawn faces Team Vaas in the second round of the consolation ladder, while the Bourbon St Skankzillas face off against last place Cobra Unit in the second round.

#12 LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 58
#11 Team Vaas 70

In a match that featured the two teams who probably had it the roughest this season, the eleventh seeded Team Vaas beat number twelve LetMeGetToA Checkpoint, taking the game by a score of 70-58.  Scoring in Checkpoint's loss was Robert Griffin III (10 pts), Rashard Mendenhall (10 pts, as well), and Keenan Allen (17 pts), with the Patriots defense (an awful -4 pts against the Browns) not helping matters.  Meanwhile, the leaders in the Team Vaas win were DeMarco Murray (14 pts) and Marques Colston (24 pts), the rest of the team making those lower point totals matter late.

LetMeGetToACheckpoint's team will face Real Radioactive in round two of the consolation ladder.

#14 Cobra Unit 69
#13 Real Radioactive 65

Finishing out the last consolation ladder game is a surprise, the league worst Cobra Unit beating Real Radioactive in a close game.  When I saw the scores Sunday night I had a feeling this might happen.  Winning the game for Cobra Unit was Tony Romo (16 pts), Marshawn Lynch (13 pts), and Jordan Cameron (18 pts).  Adding a tough loss to Real Radioactive's already poor season was Colin Kaepernick (12 pts), Demaryius Thomas (14 pts), Jermaine Gresham (10 pts), Hakeem Nicks (13 pts), and Mason Crosby (11 pts), the lack of any defense potentially costing the team the game.

Okay, now that I'm done with that, it's time to move on to...

The Playoffs- Round 1 Scoreboard:

#8 The God of Wine 115
#1 Ponder This 80

I told you there were upsets, and really, how better to start the playoff section than with best one, with the eighth seed The God of Wine blowing out Ponder This, the best team in our league, by a score of 115 to 80.  It was a game affected by snow early on and later by certain players and a team as a whole laying an egg on Sunday night. Regardless, thegodofwine7's team now move on to the second round, while Watchman's team gets relegated to the winner's consolation ladder.  Makes me happy nobody has to face the guy, because any other time his team might run right through us.  Anyway, the players who won the game for Blake were Nick Foles with 19 points, Eddie Lacy with 14, Josh Gordon with a team and game leading 24 points, Wes Welker with 12, and the Buccaneers defense (a defense I gave up), finishing the game out with a surprising 23 points.  Putting forth the effort for Carson's team but ultimately falling short, were Ryan Mathews (19 pts), Brandon Marshall (12 pts), Julian Edelman (14 pts), and Matt Prater (17 pts).  Again, the Lions snowy game in Philly and the Panthers pathetic outing at the Superdome did not help matters for Ponder This.

Blake faces a familiar foe in Chris next week, as, on top of facing each other in a two week match in the other GIO league (correct me if I'm wrong, Chris: nevermind that, turns out it's not the other GIO league), they take on each other to determine who moves on to this league's Championship Game.  Meanwhile, Ponder This and the Blue Stingers (yep, the number two lost, as well; details in a little bit) throw down in the winner's consolation ladder.

#5 Golden Chocobos 100
#4 Favorite Team on The Citadel 112

All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately for the resurgent birds of the Golden Chocobos, the dream of coming back from nothing to win it all ends.  Yes, thanks to a late Sunday stat correction and yesterday night's Bears-Cowboys game, Favorite Team on The Citadel kicked the comeback darling of our league down to the winner's consolation ladder, taking the game by a score of 112 to 100.  Never giving up for Greg's team was Drew Brees (with a Chris-infuriating 28 pts), Giovani Bernard (13 pts), and Knowshon Moreno and Phil Dawson (16 pts a piece).  Fulfilling the temporary role of cackling league villain now that the top three seeds are gone (more next), leading the way in Chris' win was LeSean McCoy with 33 points, Larry Fitzgerald with 15, Antonio Brown with 19, and the Cardinals defense with 21 points. 

The Golden Chocobos will be facing The Orange Box in the winner's consolation ladder.

#6 Hocotate Cobras 95
#3 The Orange Box 76

Though he stumbled into the playoffs and might've never made it to them had his team been in any other situation, attackcobra's Hocotate Cobras managed to pull it together at the right time to upset the third seeded The Orange Box, and sent them on a trip south to the winner's consolation ladder.  If you looked at the scores after the games on Sunday, you could tell The Orange Box's time was running out.  Okay, so it has more to do with the fact that attackcobra had three players left to play while OB had no one, but you get the point.  Leading in The Orange Box loss was Joe Flacco (19 pts), Andre Johnson (15 pts), Dwayne Bowe (12 pts), and Nick Novak (14 pts).  On the other side of the ball, Alex Smith (13 pts), Matt Forte (23 pts), Bobby Rainey (18 pts), Alshon Jeffery (14 pts), and the Jets defense (12 pts) got the win for the Hocotate Cobras, who now advance to the second round.

Speaking of the next round, HC will be facing my Taxmen, a match I sorely wish could've been the Championship instead.

#7 Cerpin Taxmen 95
#2 Blue Stingers 80

And in one final upset to take us out of this week's scoreboard, my Taxmen beat the number two seeded and Eastern division winning Blue Stingers, by a score of 95 to 80.  It's with a heavy heart that I play my win theme, as for the most part this would've been playing during the game.  Yep, I had to beat my good friend Saturday Morning Replay in a game that just didn't go his way.  First he botched his lineups in all of his leagues, then the snow hit, and then in one final insult from the fantasy football Gods, the Panthers sucked harder than they have almost all season, playing a part in stopping Cam Newton (Nabil's QB) from having the kind of game that would've had me on a tirade today (and Sunday night on twitter, with SMR and Chris probably busting my chops) had he had one.  But no, I pulled out the W and am looking forward to taking on attackcobra (and winning, hopefully).  Meanwhile, I wish the best of luck to the Stingers, as despite the team's luck the last two weeks, I don't think Ponder This will lose three straight.  Moving on, the point leaders in Replay's loss were, as mentioned before, Cam Newton (14 pts), Frank Gore (11 pts), and Charles Clay (21 pts), the lineup snafu probably playing a good part in the defeat.  Advancing my Taxmen to the second round were Tom Brady with 22 points, Ray Rice with 10, Joique Bell with 15, Eric Decker with 17, and Rod Streater with an unexpected 19 points.

Consolation Ladder Round 2

Playoffs Round 2

Alright, that wraps up the first week of playoff action in our league.  Who will go to the Championship?  That's a question that'll be answered next week, alongside all of the other action to come from the two consolation ladders.  Good luck to all of you guys who made it to the second round alongside me, and it should be exciting to see who advances.  As usual look out every Tuesday for the scoreboard.  See ya then!