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"Stuffing yourself silly.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!"

One week left.  Man, does time fly by or what?  It still doesn't feel like the draft and my subsequent fright that I drafted an awful team happened that long ago.  Here we are though, only one week of action left in the GIOFFL regular season, with some playoff spots still up for grabs.  Should be an interesting last set of games.  Well, now that I'm done being all anime-style introspective on our fantasy league, it's time for the....

Game Informer Online 2014 Fantasy Football League Week 12 Scoreboard

Bourbon St Skankzillas 112
The God of Wine 84

We kick off Week 12 with yet another loss for thegodofwine7's team, falling this time to the sixth place team in the Eastern division, TOGNick's Bourbon St Skankzillas, 112-84.  It's been a rough three weeks for the team, their three game losing streak costing them dearly in the playoff chase.  Making the effort for Blake's team this week was Mike Glennon (17 pts), Eddie Lacy (21 pts), and Josh Gordon (29 pts).  Could've been closer, but the Kansas City Chiefs defense abysmal game (a whopping -7 pts) against the Chargers cost the team points.  Thegodofwine really can't catch a break with defenses.  Meanwhile, the Skankzillas had a good game, with Philip Rivers scoring 27 points, Maurice Jones-Drew netting 20, Jarrett Boykin getting 12, Jimmy Graham getting 16, and Sebastian Janikowski and the 49ers defense rounding it out with 15 and 13 points respectively.

The God of Wine face Favorite Team on The Citadel in the final week of the regular season, while the Skankzillas are likely to end their season positively against Cobra Unit.

Team Vaas 53
Real Radioactive 67

Vaas' playoff chances take a bit of a hit this week, his team falling to second worst in the West Real Radioactive, 67-53.  It may not be the kind of consistency he was hoping for, but hey, at least it's something (and so long as it benefits my dire situation, I'm glad he lost).  Still, it stinks to lose to a team whose owner seemed to stop caring.  My observations aside, winning the game for Radioactive Deathbat's team was Colin Kaepernick (23 pts), Adrian Peterson (18 pts), and Demaryius Thomas (10 pts).  Scoring in Team Vaas' losing efforts was Peyton Manning with 12 points, DeMarco Murray with 12, and Graham Gano with 10.

Team Vaas take on Hand of Thrawn in Week 13, while Real Radioactive host the East leading Blue Stingers.

Favorite Team on The Citadel 74
LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 78

I had a feeling this might happen.  In what is probably one of the bigger (if not the biggest) upsets of the GIOFFL season, LetMeGetToA Checkpoint edged out Favorite Team on The Citadel, winning 78-74.  It may not look like it effects the current standing of the Eastern division, but really, if The God of Wine beat Chris' team next week, The Orange Box lose their game, and myself and GCsoxfan manage to win our games, it could make for a mighty amusing situation to end the regular season.  Moving on from playoff guesswork, making the upset possible for Megan's team was Rashard Mendenhall with 13 points, Keenan Allen with 12, Rob Gronkowski and Donnie Avery with 15 points each, and Stephen Gostkowski with 10.  Keeping it close for Chris this game was Larry Fitzgerald(17 pts), Antonio Brown (15 pts), Jason Witten (15 pts), and Shaun Suisham (10 pts).

I'm really hoping LetMeGetToA Checkpoint doesn't spoil my team's playoff chances next week.

Blue Stingers 92
Hocotate Cobras 66

Bouncing back from last week's close loss in a big way, Saturday Morning Replay's Blue Stingers beat down the Hocotate Cobras by a score of 92-66.  Nabil's team now moves back to the top spot in the Eastern division, all the while, despite the three game slide, attackcobra's team remains in the number two spot in the West, endlessly looking up at the 10-2 Ponder This.  Only performance worth noting for the Cobras this week is Josh McCown's 18 point game.  Showing up for the Blue Stingers was Cam Newton with 19 points, Andre Brown, Blair Walsh, and the Ravens defense with 15, and Rashad Jennings with 11 points.

In a Week 13 match that could hold some implications for the Eastern standings, the 7-5 Hocotate Cobras take on fellow 7-5ers, The Orange Box.

Cerpin Taxmen 61
Ponder This 100

You know, despite my negativity, I really thought there was a small chance my Taxmen could pull an upset over Watchman's ridiculously good Ponder This.  In looking at the match-up, I though that if things were to go a certain way, the game could be mine.  Well, I suppose this game shows me not to hold my breath for miracles, as Ponder This beat the ever loving sh** out of my Taxmen, beating them 100 to 61.  It started out horrible, but giving me just a ray of hope were big games from Jay Feely (18 pts) and Tom Brady, who actually showed up for once, and scored me 23 points.  However, when the jerk on the other side of the ball has the player that most of those touchdowns went to, whatever effort Brady put forth essentially meant nothing, you know, besides making the game less of an embarrassment for me.  Speaking of that other player, scoring for the rage-inducingly good Ponder This was Julian Edelman with 23 points, Matt Stafford with 15, Ryan Mathews with 12, Calvin Johnson with 11, and Brandon Marshall with 17.  You want to know something funny?  I was actually thinking of picking up Edelman around Friday.  Oh, well.

Ponder This take on the Golden Chocobos in the final week.

The Orange Box 52
Cobra Unit 36

In one of the lower scoring games of this season (maybe THE lowest), The Orange Box beat Cobra Unit, 52-36.  Besides the score, no surprise here really.  Scoring in the Cobra Unit loss was Tony Romo with 15 points and Michel Floyd with 10.  The players who won the game for The Orange Box were Joe Flacco (12 pts), Pierre Thomas (12 pts), and Nick Novak (11 pts).

Golden Chocobos 80
Hand of Thrawn 58

Closing out the Week 12 scoreboard is yet another win for the red hot Golden Chocobos, who in beating Hand of Thrawn 80-58, extend their win streak to four games.  Really goes to show how much a trade can do for a team.  Lucky b******.  Forgetting my envy and jealousy of Greg's team for a moment, winning the game for him was Drew Brees (19 pts), Knowshon Moreno (28 pts), Vernon Davis (11 pts), and Phil Dawson (10 pts).  Scoring in the loss for Hand of Thrawn was Andrew Luck (13 pts) and Jamaal Charles (27 pts).

*No scores are final until Saturday, and are subject to change*

And now, the standings after Week 12.


GIO FF East:

1. Blue Stingers 8-4
2. Favorite Team on The Citadel 7-5
3. The Orange Box 7-5
4. Golden Chocobos 6-6
5. Cerpin Taxmen 6-6
6. Bourbon St Skankzillas 5-7
7. Team Vaas 5-7

GIO FF West:

1. Ponder This 10-2
2. Hocotate Cobras 7-5
3. Hand of Thrawn 6-5-1
4. The God of Wine 5-6-1
5. LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 4-7-1
6. Real Radioactive 4-8
7. Cobra Unit 2-9-1


So, it all comes down to next week, at least for a few teams.  Who will make it in and who will have to settle for the consolation ladder?  We'll see next week.  As usual, I'll be here on Tuesday to report the results.  Until next Tuesday, see ya around!