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"A shaky four game win streak.  All the way to the Super Bowl, baby."

....Hope that picture doesn't get me banned.  Personally, I think it's funny, but then again, people get offended easily.  Not important, though...where was I going here? (Decided to change it. Original picture)  Oh yeah...WELCOME to another week of action in the GIOFFL.  Quite a few close games this week, with the playoff races (more specifically in the Eastern division) heating up.  But enough of building up the content of the blog, here's the....

Game Informer Online 2014 Fantasy Football League Week 11 Scoreboard

The God of Wine 64
Golden Chocobos 72

Kicking off the scoreboard this week is yet another win for the Golden Chocobos, who after starting 2-6, have really come back to life and, depending on how the rest of the season plays out, are a potential threat in the Eastern division's playoff picture.  The victim of the Chocobo stampede this week?  None other than the once mighty looking The God of Wine, a team that has struggled in the last few games.  The God of Wine should still make it to the playoffs given the way the standings look in the west.  Anyway, continuing the miracle comeback for GCsoxfan's team this week was Drew Brees (14 pts), Ben Tate (10 pts), and Phil Dawson (10 pts).  Keeping the thegodofwine7's team in it was Nick Foles (21 pts), Eddie Lacy (10 pts), and Steven Hauschka (13 pts).  However, a negative performance by the Falcons defense (scoring a horrid -4 pts), and lineup mismanagement (or just bad luck, really) cost The God of Wine a game they could've won.

The God of Wine face the Bourbon St Skankzillas next week, while the Golden Chocobos face off against the Hand of Thrawn.

Real Radioactive 61
Bourbon St Skankzillas 54

While this was a match between two of the worst teams in the GIOFFL, it was still a close one between Radioactive Deathbat and TOGNick's teams, the former walking away with the victory, 61 to 54.  I really thought the Skankzillas would be better than they are.  Shows what I know about fantasy football, but again, it's based more on luck and is a crapshoot if anything.  Not much to note on the Bourbon St side of the ball, as the only notable performance was Philip Rivers', who got 13 points.  The best two performances for Real Radioactive were from Colin Kaepernick (13 pts) and Demaryius Thomas (12 pts).

Real Radioactive face the ever up and down (which I actually need to stay down, no hard feelings, Vaas) Team Vaas in Week 12.

LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 77
Team Vaas 53

The stressful and inconsistent season continues for Team Vaas, as once again they lose after a win, falling to LetMeGetToACheckpoint's lowly team, 77-53.  I've said it once and I'll say it again: I don't envy Vaas.  I'd rather be consistently horrible than heartbreaking week in and out any time.  Moving back to football of the imagination, helping Checkpoint to a win this week was Robert Griffin III (22 pts), Rob Gronkowski (11 pts), and the Giants defense (14 pts).  Meanwhile, giving Team Vaas some amount of hope was Russell Wilson (18 pts) and the Seahawks defense (16 pts).

In what should be a loss, LetMeGetToA Checkpoint goes up against Favorite Team on The Citadel next.  But hell, my rag-tag bunch beat Chris' team back in Week 2, and for we all we know Checkpoint's crew can spoil the party (which unfortunately goes for my team, too.)

Hocotate Cobras 72
Favorite Team on The Citadel 106

Though not quite a paltry and pathetic display as the game against Team Vaas last week, attackcobra's Hocotate Cobras suffer yet another big loss, this time at the hands of Chris Mrkvicka's Favorite Team on The Citadel.  FToTC themselves bounce back here from a bad game last week, and are now back on top of the Eastern division.  The scoring leaders in the Cobras loss were Matt Ryan (14 pts), Matt Forte (18 pts), and Harry Douglas (19 pts).  Crushing it for the Favorites was LeSean McCoy with 26 points, Larry Fitzgerald with 12, Antonio Brown with 26, and Shaun Suisham with 13 points.

In a match of two 7-4 teams, the Hocotate Cobras take on the Blue Stingers in the twelfth week.

Ponder This 106
Blue Stingers 105

A very close and heartbreaking game here as the Blue Stingers rallied late, only to lose by one point to the powerful Ponder This, 106 to 105.  Do I need SMR's team to lose?  Yeah, I guess you could say it could probably help me.  But Ponder This is the best team in our league, and I can't help but hating the number one.  I also wanted someone to knock the team off their perch before I face them, which as you see, was not the case.  Well, hopefully you have slightly better luck in your last two games Replay.  Making it a close game for the Blue Stingers was Cam Newton with 26 points, Jordy Nelson with 11, Charles Clay with 15, and Rashad Jennings with 21.  Getting just enough to pull off the win for Ponder This was Matt Stafford (21 pts), Ryan Mathews (13 pts), Calvin Johnson (29 pts), Julius Thomas (10 pts), Greg Olsen (11 pts), and Matt Prater (10 pts).

If you couldn't tell earlier, I'm very confident that Ponder This is probably going to completely exterminate my Taxmen in our Week 12 matchup.

Cobra Unit 86
Cerpin Taxmen 122

Though it was against a team that's been a win for most of the teams in the league, and whose owner doesn't seem to be paying very much attention to his team, a win is a win, and trust me, if it means bettering my chances of making the playoffs, I'll take it (especially with 99.9% guaranteed loss I have coming next week).  And what a big win it was, with my Taxmen taking it to Cobra Unit, 122 to 86.  Keeping me scared of a miracle win for Cobra Unit was Marshawn Lynch (23 pts), Michael Floyd (25 pts), and Garrett Hartley (12 pts).  Meanwhile, the seven giving me my highest point total of the season were Andy Dalton with 11 points, Ray Rice with a surprising (given how quiet he's been) 20, Victor Cruz with 11, Delanie Walker with 15, Joique Bell with 14, Dan Carpenter with 16, and the Bengals defense with a team leading 26 points.

Cobra Unit face The Orange Box next week.

Hand of Thrawn 102
The Orange Box 95

And we finish the eleventh edition of the scoreboard off today with yet another close match, Hand of Thrawn handing a loss to The Orange Box, 102 to 95.  The top scorers for HoT were Andrew Luck (18 pts), Chris Ivory (15 pts), Vincent Jackson (22 pts), Mike Nugent (12 pts), and the Bills defense (21 pts).  Keeping it close for the Oranges were Chris Johnson (20 pts), Andre Johnson (11 pts), Jerricho Cotchery (10 pts), Antonio Gates (11 pts), and the Bears defense (13 pts).

*No scores are final until Saturday, and are subject to change*

And now, the standings after Week 11.


GIO FF East:

1. Favorite Team on The Citadel 7-4
2. Blue Stingers 7-4
3. The Orange Box 6-5
4. Cerpin Taxmen 6-5
5. Team Vaas 5-6
6. Golden Chocobos 5-6
7. Bourbon St Skankzillas 4-7

GIO FF West:

1. Ponder This 9-2
2. Hocotate Cobras 7-4
3. Hand of Thrawn 6-4-1
4. The God of Wine 5-5-1
5. LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 3-7-1
6. Real Radioactive 3-8
7. Cobra Unit 2-8-1


Alright, that will do it for the Week 11 scoreboard.  The race for the Golden Pipo continues, and it's especially interesting in the Eastern division.  Should be an exciting next few weeks.  As usual, look out for the scoreboard next Tuesday.  Until then, good luck to my fellow owners and see ya!