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Cerpintaxman here, back with another week of fantasy football goodness.  I had a good weekend, with the Giants pulling off their second win in a row and my fantasy team finally showing some life.  Speaking of which, I hope the hell's rendition of Busey picture didn't scare you away.  Anyway, time for the....

Game Informer Online 2014 Fantasy Football League Week 8 Score-BOO-ard

(Please forgive the horrible "Halloween-ified" names that ensue)

(Also, some music to set the mood)

Blood Red Stingers 101
The God of Spine 72

We start the Week 8 recap off with what was supposed a tilt for the ages, and could have been, but wasn't, with The God of Wine falling to the red hot Blue Stingers, 101 to 72.  Saturday Morning Replay's team are currently on a six game win streak.  Scoring for thegodofwine7's team was Eddie Lacy with 16 points, Andre Ellington with 21, and Dez Bryant with 19.  The game could have gone to in wine's favor had he started Alex Smith (21 pts) over Michael Vick (a horrible -1 pt), and put Josh Gordon (19 pts) somewhere in the lineup.  That wasn't the case though, and with his team's scoring leaders being Cam Newton (27 pts), Frank Gore (17 pts), Jordy Nelson (24 pts), Terrance Williams (12 pts), and the Packers defense (10 pts), SMR's Blue Stingers continue their recent dominance.

The Blue Stingers are up against Hand of Thrawn next week, while The God of Wine are likely to return my Taxmen to their losing ways.

Cerpin Hacked-men 100
Real Radiation 91

That's right everyone. TAXMAN'S BACK IN THE WIN COLUMN, BABY!  Yeah, Adrian Peterson and Mason Crosby gave me a scare late Sunday, but I did realize that chances were, I was walking away with the victory against Radioactive Deathbat's team.  Coming through for me this week was Andy Dalton with a game leading 31 points, Carolina running backs DeAngelo Williams and Mike Tolbert with 10 and 11 points respectively, and a 25 point perfomance from the Bengals defense.  Giving Real Radioactive a chance was Colin Kaepernick (27 pts), Adrian Peterson (14 pts), Fred Jackson (10 pts), Demaryius Thomas (13 pts), and Mason Crosby (15 pts).  Unfortunately for Deathbat, he didn't start a defense, which actually would've gotten him the win.

Real Radioactive go toe-to-toe with The Orange Box in Week 9.

The Orange Coffin 72
FellToDeathAtThe Checkpoint 42

Though her team was beginning to look like it might finally make some noise in the league, LetMeGetToACheckpoint's team return to their losing ways, The Orange Box defeating them 72-42.  The two performances of note for Checkpoint were Dan Bailey with 17 points and the Patriots defense with 15 points.  Meanwhile, giving the victory to The Orange Box were Aaron Rodgers (22 pts), Reggie Bush (16 pts), and Aaron Dobson (12 pts)

LetMeGetToA Checkpoint take on the Golden Chocobos in the ninth week

Old Dead Chocobos 69
Hocotate-tunkhamun Cursed Cobras 78

It was the second place team in the West facing the last place team in the East, as the Hocotate Cobras pull out a close win against the Golden Chocobos, 78-69.  Yes, a team that GCsoxfan08 (owner of the Golden Chocobos) himself said should be called the Injured Chocobos (which I then said should be called the KFC Deadmeat) actually managed to stay close to one of the top teams in our league.  Keeping the Chocobos in the game were Lamar Miller (10 pts), the ever scoring Jimmy Graham (15 pts), and the Eagles defense (10 pts).  Providing the win when all was said and done for attackcobra's team was Darren McFadden (19 pts), Harry Douglas (12 pts), Emmanuel Sanders (16 pts), and Ryan Succop (12 pts).

The Hocotate Cobras face the Bourbon St Skankzillas in the coming week.

Bourbon St Godzillas 91

It was a close game between TOGNick and Watchman's teams, but Ponder This walk away with the W, winning 96-91.  Surprising thing is the Skankzillas actually had more people score with Drew Brees (33 pts), Maurice Jones-Drew (11 pts), Knowshon Moreno (18 pts), Vernon Davis (11 pts), and the 49ers defense (11 pts) providing the points.  However, with Matt Stafford getting 26 points, Calvin Johnson netting a game leading 36 points, and the Panthers defense and the rest of the team backing up with 10 points and less, Ponder This managed to edge out the win.

Ponder This face-off against Team Vaas in Week 9.

Team Vaas is Dead.  Miss Them, Miss Them, Miss Them...(Beatles reference) 89
Zombie Unit 61

Though things looked pretty grim early on for Vaas, his team managed to pull out the win against Cobra Unit, 89-61.  Seeing how this team just wins, then loses, then wins again only to lose the next game (as evidenced by the team's 4-4 record), I can imagine Vaas probably wishes his team would go on a win streak.  Either way, a win is a win, and delivering the points this week for Team Vaas was (as usual) Peyton Manning (22 pts), James Starks (11 pts), Wes Welker (14 pts), Golden Tate (21 pts), and the Seahawks defense (10 pts).  The point leaders in Cobra Unit's loss were Tony Romo with 20 points and Stevan Ridley with 13.

Cobra Unit face Favorite Team on The Citadel next week.

Favorite Scream on The Citadel 87
Idle Hands of Thrawn 67

Closing out this week is yet another victory for Commisioner Chris Mrkvicka's suddenly hot Favorite Team on The Citadel, beating Hand of Thrawn by 20 points, 87-67.  Leading the way for Citadel was Alfred Morris with 15 points, Larry Fitzgerald with 10, Nick Folk with 13, and the Cardinals defense with 17.  Although Hand of Thrawn had just as much players in double digits as FToTC, his other players scored lower.  Regardless, Christian Ponder (14 pts), Jamaal Charles (11 pts), Zac Stacy (13 pts), and A.J. Green (11 pts) lead the way for HoT.

*No scores are final until Saturday, and are subject to change*

And now, the standings after Week 8:


GIO FF East:

1. Blue Stinger 6-2
2. Favorite Team on The Citadel 5-3
3. Cerpin Taxmen 5-3
4. Team Vaas 4-4
5. The Orange Box 4-4
6. Bourbon St Skankzillas 3-5
7. Golden Chocobos 2-6

GIO FF West:

1. Ponder This 6-2
2. Hocotate Cobras 6-2
3. The God of Wine 4-3-1
4. Hand of Thrawn 3-4-1
5. Cobra Unit 2-5-1
6. LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 2-5-1
7. Real Radioactive 2-6

....Well that wraps up the eighth edition of the scoreboard.  Hopefully, the rather cute picture I chose to close out this week makes up for Nightmare-Busey at the top.  As usual, I'll be back next Tuesday with the results for Week 9.  Until then, good luck with your games, and I'll see ya next week!