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YES! YYYYYEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! GO GIANTS! MIGHT'VE BEEN A WIN AGAINST A TEAM POTENTIALLY MORE PATHETIC, BUT I'LL TAKE IT, DAMN IT!  Whooo. Now that I got that out of my system, welcome one and all to the seventh edition of this here blog.  As you can see, the New York Giants finally slotted a win, and even though my fantasy team continues to sink into the ever deepening abyss of inevitable doom, I couldn't give a sh** less.  For once I'm not grumpy because of the Giants.  As always, this isn't a forum for actual football chat, it's one for the fake version.  So without further ado, here's the...

Game Informer Online 2014 Fantasy Football League Week 7 Scoreboard

Hand of Thrawn 138
Team Vaas 100

We kick off the Week 7 scoreboard with a high scoring affair, this time between Hand of Thrawn and Team Vaas, with the win going to HoT, 138-100.  Some good games all around for each team, but Hand of Thrawn was the luckier here, having an always acceptable seven players score double digits.  Andrew Luck (29 pts), Jamaal Charles (15 pts), Zac Stacy (14 pts), A.J. Green (21 pts), Vincent Jackson (25 pts), Robbie Gould (12 pts), and the Bills defense (16 pts) provided the points for HoT along, again, with the win.  Even though the 100 points wasn't enough to win, Vaas' team did at least have a good showing, with the always consistent Peyton Manning (25 pts), Danny Woodhead (12 pts), Tyler Eifert (10 pts), DeAndre Hopkins (13 pts), and the Seahawks defense (13 pts) keeping them in the game.

Hand of Thrawn takes on Favorite Team on The Citadel Week 8, while Team Vaas go up against Cobra Unit.

Favorite Team on The Citadel 69
Bourbon St Skankzillas 61

After struggling a little bit, Commish Chris' team finally seem to be righting the ship, getting another win over the Skankzillas 69-61.  A close one yes, but a W nonetheless (hey a rhyme. Next week on scoreboard, a football poetry contest!).  Scoring for FToTC was a for once decent Eli Manning (12 pts), Jermichael Finley (13 pts), and Nick Folk (13 pts).  On the other side of the imaginary football, Phillip Rivers (15 pts), Knowshon Moreno (10 pts), and the 49ers defense (13 pts) provided the offense for TOGNick's team, but in the end just wasn't enough to pull off the win.

The Skankzillas take on Ponder This next week.

The God of Wine 66
Cobra Unit 58

Continuing their rise to glory, The God of Wine once again wins, beating Cobra Unit in a close one, 66-58.  Can't help but say I'm sort of jealous, but my envy of thegodofwine's team isn't the subject (still, can't wait to get crushed by your team in Week 9, man).  Like last week, The God of Wine didn't earn the win in the spectacular fashion they did earlier in the season, but it's a victory, regardless.  Getting them the win this week were efforts from Eddie Lacy (16 pts), Dez Bryant (11 pts), Steven Hauschka (13 pts), and the Chiefs defense (10 pts).  Making it a close game for Cobra Unit was Tony Romo (12 pts), Marshawn Lynch (15 pts), Stevan Ridley (11 pts), and Jordan Cameron (11 pts).

It's a showdown between two risers in the eighth week, as The God of Wine go up against the East-leading Blue Stingers (calling it now, Game of the Week right here). 

Blue Stingers 82
Golden Chocobos 51

Much like thegodofwine's team before his, Saturday Morning Replay's Blue Stingers keep up their recent dominance, gaining the team's fifth win ,82-51, versus GCsoxfan08's Golden Chocobos.  Helping the team to a win this week was Cam Newton with 14 points, Frank Gore with 22, Jordy Nelson with 10, Terrance Williams with 10, and the Packers defense with 10, as well.  Meanwhile, the Golden Chocobos continue to lose, now moving to 2-5.  Soon enough the team name might have to be changed to the Polished Turd Chocobos....I'm sorry that was a bit harsh (and just flat-out bad).  Anyway, the now injured Sam Bradford got 12 points and the Chargers defense scored 11 to provide the offense this week for GC.

The Golden Chocobos are up against the Hocotate Cobras in the eighth week.

Real Radioactive 78
Ponder This 116

It was Watchman versus Radioactive Deathbat in this match, with the former's Ponder This getting the big win, 116-78.  Scoring in the losing effort for Real Radioactive were Colin Kaepernick (19 pts), Fred Jackson (13 pts), Damaryius Thomas (14 pts), and Justin Tucker (11 pts).  Providing the win for Ponder This was Matt Stafford (26 pts), Ryan Mathews (17 pts), Calvin Johnson (27 pts), Julius Thomas (10 pts), and Matt Prater (10 pts).

Real Radioactive take on my Taxmen in Week 8.

Cerpin Taxmen 59
The Orange Box 77

Yep, I lost again.  But let me say this: I didn't get an ounce of sleep Saturday night/Sunday morning, and was dead tired that day.  I wound up napping, and completely forgot to make a few final tweaks to my lineup, and by the time I woke up the games were already underway.  Had things been different, this could've been a much closer game, hell I could've even won the damn thing.  As you see though, that isn't the case, and the descent into mediocrity continues another week, The Orange Box beating my team 77-59.  The point leaders for Orange Box were Aaron Rodgers with 26 points and and Chris Johnson with 16.  Giving me some hope was Eric Decker with 21 points and Dan Carpenter with 11.  Funny thing is, I was hinging my hopes for a win on Victor Cruz and Greg Jennings having good nights in Monday's Vikings-Giants game.  Then I watched the game, and realized just how stupid that was.  Oh well, at least the Giants won.

The Orange Box face LetMeGetToA Checkpoint in Week 8.

LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 37
Hocotate Cobras 102

We close out with one of the worst losses this season, as attackcobra's Hocotate Cobras annihilated LetMeGetToACheckpoint's team.  There have been seventy point losses, I know, but I sincerely didn't think we'd see a team score so low (yeah, I rhyme like a boss).  The point leader for Checkpoint was the the Patriots defense.  Meanwhile, Matt Ryan (22 pts), Matt Forte (28 pts), Harry Douglas (20 pts), and Alshon Jeffery (11 pts) got the the win for the Hocotate Cobras.

*No scores are final until Saturday, and are subject to change*

And now, the standings after Week 7.


GIO FF East:

1. Blue Stingers 5-2
2. Favorite Team on the Citadel 4-3
3. Cerpin Taxmen 4-3
4. Bourbon St Skankzillas 3-4
5. Team Vaas 3-4
6. The Orange Box 3-4
7. Golden Chocobos 2-5

GIO FF West:

1. Ponder This 5-2
2. Hocotate Cobras 5-2
3. The God of Wine 4-2-1
4. Hand of Thrawn 3-3-1
5. Cobra Unit 2-4-1
6. LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 2-4-1
7. Real Radioactive 2-5

....Well, that wraps it up.  Just to let everyone know, although I already have a potential trade partner, I'm open to any offers for Tom Brady.  Good luck, take care, and I'll be back next Tuesday with another edition of the the weekly GIO Fantasy Football scoreboard.  See ya next week!