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Welcome everyone to the Week 2 recap of the GIO 2014 Fantasy Football League.  Last week's installment proved surprisingly popular, and whether that was just one-off curiosity or actual interest in the league, I do not know.  Regardless, the second week of the NFL season has wrapped up and so has week two of the GIOFFL.  Without further ado, here's the...

Game Informer Online 2014 Fantasy Football League Week 2 Scoreboard

Real Radioactive 72-Blue Stingers 72

Starting off the recap is Real Radioactive versus the Blue Stingers, which surprisingly (along with another game below) wound up a tie.  It was a back and forth match-up throughout (at least when I checked), with Fred Jackson (11 pts), James Jones (15 pts), and Coby Fleener (12 pts) providing the points for Radioactive, and Cam Newton (16 pts), Arian Foster (15 pts), Jordy Nelson (18 points), and Blair Walsh (12 pts) leading the way for the Stingers.  Unfortunately, sub-par performances cost both Radioactive Deathbat and Saturday Morning Replay's teams the win, and both now move to 0-1-1.

Real Radioactive go up against the Hocotate Cobras in Week 3, while the Blue Stingers face off against The Orange Box.

Favorite Team on The Citadel 53-Cerpin Taxmen 92

Chris MrkVicka's Favorite Team on The Citadel scored 118 points to The God of Wine's 112 in the first week, which I suppose led him to gloat about him winning against me in Week 2.  He said, and I quote, "Off to a 1-0 start.  14 more wins to go.  Sorry you'll have to lose this week.  I'm currently a 27 point favorite."  Well Chris, guess who's turn it is to gloat now?  GUESS WHO'S ONE OF ONLY THREE TEAMS STILL UNDEFEATED AFTER WEEK 2?  Let me spell it out for you: C-E-R-P-I-N  T-A-X-M-E-N!  Yes, yes, a game I myself was expecting to lose after Thursday, I actually wound up winning, while the commish had one of the biggest point fluctuations from Week 1 to Week 2.  And really, even though FToTC closed in at one point, my Taxmen were in the lead the whole game.  So how did it go down?  Well, despite his horrible four interception abomination against the Broncos, Eli Manning scored 10 points, Alfred Morris scored 11, and LeSean McCoy scored 16 for The Citadel.  However, weak performances outside of those three, most notably from Jason Witten (1 pt) and the Steelers defense (-3 pts), screwed the team over.  Meanwhile, my gametime decision to put Eddie Royal in at the flex position over Greg Jennings came up aces, as he netted me 27 points, which, helped along by Tom Brady's 11, Victor Cruz's 11, and the Bengals defense game padding 11, probably turned the game in my favor.  Speaking of winning, I forgot to post my win theme.

Looking at the paragraph compared to the measly analysis I gave the rest of the teams, I apologize to the other owners.  Hell, I'm sorry to Chris for being such a sore winner.  But I took his comment as throwing down the gauntlet, and let me say this to the rest of the owners: you don't come to The Comatorium (my fantasy stadium) expecting an easy win.  Okay, I'm taking this far too seriously.

Favorite Team on The Citadel are at home against the Golden Chocobos in the third week, while my Taxmen take to the road to face LetMeGetToA Checkpoint.

The God of Wine 107-LetMeGetTo A Checkpoint 107

While a high scoring game, The God of Wine at Checkpoint is our second tie of the week.  Regardless of both users teams currently being 0-1-1 alongside SMR and Deathbat's teams, there are positives here, as LetMeGetToA Checkpoint scored almost forty more points than last week, and The God of Wine continues to prove a juggernaut despite their record, scoring only five points less from Week 1.  Michael Vick (33 pts), C.J. Spiller (12 pts), Dez Bryant (20 pts), and Pierre Garcon (20 pts) scored the most for thegodofwine7, while Robert Griffin III (22 pts), Rashard Mendenhall (14 pts), Julio Jones (24 pts), Tavon Austin (16 pts), and the Patriots defense (15 pts) provided for LetMeGetToACheckpoint's team.

The God of Wine take on Ponder This next week.

Team Vaas 66-The Orange Box 104

Last week, Peyton Manning's seven touchdowns basically secured Team Vaas the win against the Blue Stingers on the first day of the season.  Well, no such luck for the team this week against The Orange Box, as the latter was annihilating Vaas' team pretty early on.  With help from Peyton Manning (20 pts) and the Seahawks defense (21 pts), it wasn't as bad as it could've been (the score was 88-8 at one point on Sunday).  However, a big game from Aaron Rodgers (35 pts) and good games from Dwayne Bowe (11 pts), Antonio Gates (10 pts), Josh Brown (12 pts), and the Bears defense (11 pts) basically rendered this one of the more hopeless match-ups this weekend.

Team Vaas takes on the Bourbon St Skankzillas in Week 3.

Hand of Thrawn 61-Hocotate Cobras 120

A better week for one team and horrible week for another, as the Hocotate Cobras hosted an outright thrashing of Hand of Thrawn.  Where HoT scored 129 last week, the team scored almost seventy points less, and I honestly can't recall if they ever had a chance in this game.  Sure, Andrew Luck (17 pts), Jamaal Charles (15 pts), and the Vikings defense (17 pts) had impressive games, but when the rest of your team underperforms as Thrawn's did, those good performances don't mean very much.  On the other hand, having seven out of nine starters in double digits will help you as they did attackcobra's Hocotate Cobras, with Matt Ryan (22 pts), Mike Wallace (17 pts), and Martellus Bennet (19 pts) leading the way for the team.

Hand of Thrawn will be the homers next week against Cobra Unit.

Bourbon St Skankzillas 86-Golden Chocobos 115

A tale of oddity seems to be continuing this week, as TOGNick's Bourbon St. Skankzillas, in my opinion one of the best looking teams on paper in our league, met defeat at the hands of GCsoxfan08's Golden Chocobos.  The Skankzillas had great performances from Knowshon Moreno (22 pts), DeSean Jackson (25 pts),and Kicker Sebastian Janikowski (13 pts), and had an okay game out of Drew Brees (12 pts).  In the end though, the Chocobos players just had better games, with Sam Bradford getting 26 points, Doug Martin having 14, Randall Cobb 18, and Jimmy Graham 23.  Even if Phillip Rivers (29 pts) had been the starter, the Golden Chocobos still would have won.

Cobra Unit 76-Ponder This 111

After losing 82-68 to the Hocotate Cobras last week, Ponder This bounced back big this week, beating Cobra Unit 111-76.  Tony Romo (13 pts),  Marshawn Lynch (big game with 30 pts), and Garret Hartley (11 pts) might've given Cobra Unit a chance had they been up against another team, but with almost all of Ponder This' players scoring double digits (again, seven out of nine starters), the chance here was only slim.  Leading the way for Watchman's team was Matt Stafford (17 pts),  Calvin Johnson (23 pts), and Brandon Marshall (17 pts).

And now for the standings after Week 2:


GIO FF East:

1. The Orange Box 2-0
2. Cerpin Taxmen 2-0
3. Golden Chocobos 1-1
4. Team Vaas 1-1
5. Favorite Team on The Citadel 1-1
6. Blue Stingers 0-1-1
7. Bourbon St Skankzillas 0-2

GIO FF West:

1. Hocotate Cobras 2-0
2. Hand of Thrawn 1-1
3. Ponder This 1-1
4. Cobra Unit 1-1
5. The God of Wine 0-1-1
6. Real Radioactive 0-1-1
7. LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 0-1-1

And that wraps up this edition of the scoreboard.  Hopefully, you guys enjoyed it.  Good luck to my fellow owners in Week 3, and I'll see you again next Tuesday with yet more results from the Game Informer Online Fantasy Football League.

(Had to change the way scores were listed because something got screwed up.  Would like to know if you prefer it this way or the other way.)