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It's probably been a couple weeks since some of you were last aware of it, but there are two GIO fantasy football leagues going on.  I'm taking part in one of them, and decided it would be nice to provide a weekly scoreboard for all the league's games for those who are interested (and it also gives me something to do).  So without further stalling, here it is, the...

Game Informer Online 2014 Fantasy Football League Week One Scoreboard

The God of Wine (Hmm, what other user goes by this name?) 112
Favorite Team on The Citadel (Chris Mrkvicka) 118

It was a close game between thegodofwine7 and the commish, with the former's team getting quite a bit of help from Michael Vick's 25 points, Anquan Boldin's 26, and the Kansas City Chiefs defense 23 points.  But Eli Manning (28 pts), LeSean McCoy (24 pts), Larry Fitzgerald (20 pts), and Jason Witten (19pts), proved to be too much, and helped secure a win for Favorite Team on the Citadel.

The God of Wine faces LetMeGetToA Checkpoint next week, while Citadel faces my Taxmen.

Blue Stingers (Saturday Morning Replay) 73
Team Vaas (Vaas)  120

It was SMR versus Vaas in Week 1, and while Replay's Blue Stingers never quit, Team Vaas had this game won all the way back on Thursday, when the season kicked off.  Peyton Manning's ridiculous seven touchdown secured Vaas 46 points, while Wes Welker's two touchdown receptions from the older Manning brother got him 16 points.  Good enough performances from Steven Jackson, Marques Colston, David Akers, and the Seahawks defense only helped this pain train pad Vaas' score.  Jordy Nelson's 19 points helped make this less of an embarassment than it was, but negative performances by Detroit's Brandon Pettigrew and the Packers defense only helped sting the Blue Stingers further.

The Blue Stingers go up against Real Radioactive next week, while Team Vaas takes on The Orange Box.

Real Radioactive (Radioactive Deathbat) 120
Hand of Thrawn 129

Much like Wine vs. Citadel, this was a close game.  Close but no cigar is the case here, as Hand of Thrawn edged out Real Radioactive by nine points.  Strong performances by Colin Kaepernick (30 pts), Adrian Peterson (28 pts), and Demaryius Thomas (also with 28 pts) helped to keep Radioactive Deathbat in the thick of things.  However, Thrawn having six starters score double digits got the team the win.

Hand of Thrawn throws down with the Hocotate Cobras in Week 2.

Cerpin Taxmen (Guess who?) 94
Bourbon St. Skankzillas (TOGNick) 74

If you read this, then you'll know that this song has to be played.  It was a close match for the most part between TOGNick and I, the closest score being 76 for me and 74 for him during the first Monday night game.  Drew Brees (20 pts) and Vernon Davis (21 pts) gave me gray hairs keeping track of the match, but DeSean Jackson's (16 pts) inactive second half wound up being a curse for the Bourbon St. Skankzillas, as it essentially cost them the game.  Meanwhile, Victor Cruz's three touchdown performance in my Giants loss got me 29 points, with help from Tom Brady's 15, and Owen Daniels officially game securing 18 points helped my Taxmen to a win.

The Skankzillas take on the Golden Chocobos next week.

LetMeGetToA Checkpoint
(Shouldn't have to tell you who this is.) 68
Cobra Unit 80

Relatively low scoring, but close game between Checkpoint and Cobra Unit, the latter having been a recurring theme in our league's first week of play.  As is always the case though, close is not good enough, and Cobra Unit walked away with the W.  Robert Griffin III (19 pts), Julio Jones (11 pts), and Stephen Gostkowski (12 pts) helped keep Checkpoint in the match, but Tony Romo (19 pts), Reggie Wayne (15 pts), Brent Celek (11 pts), Steve Smith (11 pts), and Garrett Heartley (12 pts) pretty much secured the win for Cobra Unit.

CU faces Ponder This in the second week.

The Orange Box 92
Golden Chocobos (GCsoxfan08) 85

Another close game, with The Orange just edging out the Chocobos by seven points.  Aaron Rodgers 24 points, Reggie Bush's 25, and Andre Johnson's 14 proved to be too much, although GCsoxfan's team had a pretty good game, with six starters (again) scoring either ten or over ten points.

Hocotate Cobras (attackcobra) 82
Ponder This (Watchman xXxSKOLxXx) 68

Good performances were handed like candy in Cobras versus Ponder This.  For attackcobra Matt Ryan scored 19 pts, Matt Forte 15, Darren McFadden 11, and Brandon Myers had 12.  For Ponder This, Matt Stafford scored 20, Darren Sproles 10, Ryan Mathews  11, and Brandon Marshall had 16.  Could've been closer for Ponder This had the Ravens defense not performed abysmally in the season opener at Denver.  Unfortunately, they sucked and the win goes to the Hocotate Cobras.

(Apologies for not knowing who the owner of every team is.)

And now for the standings after week 1:


GIO FF East:

1. Team Vaas 1-0
2. Favorite Team on the Citadel 1-0
3. Cerpin Taxmen 1-0
4. The Orange Box 1-0
5. Golden Chocobos 0-1
6. Bourbon St. Skankzillas 0-1
7. Blue Stingers 0-1

GIO FF West:

1. Hand of Thrawn 1-0
2.Hocotate Cobras 1-0
3. Cobra Unit 1-0
4. Real Radioactive 0-1
5. The God of Wine 0-1
6. Ponder This 0-1
7 LetMeGetToA Checkpoint 0-1

Hopefully a few of you enjoyed this little fantasy football recap. See you next week!