Like many of my fellow Kingdom Hearts fans, I went into E3 expecting only to get more information on the upcoming (half; actually less than half) HD collection.  With how low my confidence has been in the series lately, I also wouldn't have been surprised to hear of yet another handheld title to come, further delaying the third title while Tetsuya Nomura screwed the story even more, and buying him more time to both finish Final Fantasy vers..I mean Final Fantasy XV and figure out what the hell he's going to do with the Kingdom Hearts series.  Some are still hopelessly devoted to KH (who, let's be honest, annoy just about everyone), most have weathered the now over seven years since Kingdom Hearts II patiently, and others have just completely abandoned hope for the franchise.  Me?  I'm a combination of all three: though I still regard it as one of my favorite video game series I know it's far from perfect, and have endured the long wait for another numbered title with a surprising patience and grace (what's wrong with tooting my own horn a little?) that I never would have expected from myself.  Unfortunately, while I've enjoyed the handheld games I've played, Birth By Sleep made a crack in that dam of tolerance and Dream Drop Distance, with it's flow breaking drop system and sh**** plot twist, burst it right open, putting me in a precarious balance where I want to care about the next game, but at the same time just want to see the current saga finished.  I can't help it: I've been a fan since the first game, and as much as I liked and still love Kingdom Hearts II, I feel the series has been on a steady decline since that game.  Whether my fellow Kingdom Hearts fans feel the same way, or are currently vehemently disgusted that I could blaspheme as I have, I don't know.  This how I feel about the franchise as it's been and it feels good to get it out.

But something happened this past Monday.  During Sony's E3 press conference, if you don't already know by now.  Something that took this fan's, and many other fans', hearts and temporarily cleansed them of the darkness this torturously long wait had created (yeah, using KH speak here)...

...Kingdom Hearts III was finally announced.  For little more than a minute it was if I could forgive the Kingdom Hearts series everything it did to piss me off.  A number of fans probably cried, some were probably cheering at the top their lungs, and others were probably just content, happy to see the series at long last continue.  I had to fight a desperate urge to fanboy squeal (which, if you read my E3 blog the other day, you know I partially failed).  Point is, a lot of people were happy.

But let's not lie to ourselves here, Kingdom Hearts III isn't likely to come out any time soon.  Hell, "isn't likely to come out any time soon", is a rather generous estimation if you're a true Kingdom Hearts fan.  So what's a fan to do with all that time?  Speculate!  And if you've forgotten through reading this rather long winded introduction what I'm here to speculate about, it's the worlds I want to see in Kingdom Hearts III!  Let's start, shall we?

Tron: Uprising

Funny that I'm starting this out with a world that's already in the Kingdom Hearts series as Space Paranoids in KHII and The Grid in Dream Drop Distance.  Being that Tron: Uprising takes place between Tron and Tron: Legacy, putting this part of the Tron universe in a future game would pretty much be retconning the world's story in KH3D.  But like a few of the other worlds in Dream Drop Distance, I really didn't care much for how the world itself was.  Where Space Paranoids is one of my favorite worlds in the series so far, The Grid was, in my opinion, completely forgettable.  So, truth is, I could care less if it through a wrench in the series continuum.

The major reason I would like to see Tron: Uprising featured in the next Kingdom Hearts though, is the potential for some great boss fights.  Those of you who have watched the series know well that there are villains aplenty in the show: General Tesler (the series main antagonist), Pavel (Uprising's go to a**hole), Dyson (former ally of Tron), Cyrus (the first renegade), and Clu (even though he was in Dream Drop Distance, why not just throw him in there?).  I can't recall a world in Kingdom Hearts that ever featured that many bosses, and honestly it would probably be overkill to have any more than two.  For some reason though, I would just love to see how fights against each of these characters (excluding Clu) would be.

Another reason to continue the use of the Tron universe would be to formally adopt The Games as the coliseum world.  As much loyalty as I have to the mainstays, how much more can be stretched out of Olympus Coliseum?  The Games, where in the Tron franchise programs go toe-to-toe with one another, could replace the Coliseum perfectly, since it would be Sora, Donald, and Goofy going at it against the Heartless and whatever other enemies are in the game.  You could even have Uprising's main protagonist Beck, along with Tron himself and the program Cutler be bosses for different cups.

Toy Story

For a while now, I've found myself surprised that the Kingdom Hearts hasn't really utilized any Pixar franchise.  Okay, maybe a good chunk of the properties wouldn't lend themselves well to adaptation, but there are a few that could.  Though I couldn't you tell what on Earth the plot would be for the level, I do think Toy Story could possibly fit.  For the sake of making this easier on myself, let's just say this world could serve to replace the 100 Acre Woods (though surprisingly, I'm still sort of fond of the place; don't know why).  As opposed to trying to rework plot elements from the movies, just make it more of mini game/side quest world.

Then again, it would be pretty awesome to see Toy Story fully realized in a KH game.  I mean there were Buzz and Woody summon models made for one of the games, which might have meant at one point Nomura and crew were looking at making a world for Toy Story.  I for one would just like to see our heroes toy-ified, with Goofy being a Woody-like ragdoll, Donald being a wind up toy, and Sora being the newest action figure to hit the market.  It could wind up being crummy, but you never know, maybe it could be one of the best worlds Kingdom Hearts has seen yet. 

The Incredibles

While Toy Story might be a little hard to bring in to Kingdom Hearts, The Incredibles, if you think about it, has the potential to fit in rather easily.  All that really needs to be done is for Syndrome to be allied with Master Xehanort, allowing him to create heartless robot hybrids to send against the heroes he brings to his island.  Factoring in how Mr. Incredible and family come across the Kingdom Hearts characters might be a challenge, but so long as that base scenario is there you can build on it.  Maybe once you finish the world, you could get Frozone as a summon.

It would also be hilarious if the guys came across Edna Mode, the super hero fashion designer.  I'm imagining as I write this, a cutscene where she's explaining the perks of Sora, Donald, and Goofy's super suits.

The World Ends With You

While it certainly doesn't guarantee the world will be in next or any future title, the fact Neku and Shiki essentially invite Sora to come to Shibuya in Dream Drop Distance leads me to believe we might see the world.  I don't know if a new plot will be used or a reworking of TWEWY's story will be used, but I am curious to see what they would go with.  Also with the game's rogue's gallery, there could be potential for some awesome boss fights.  I suppose we'd just have to wait and see on this one.

The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse

The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse.  A seemingly impossible choice considering 1.) Capcom probably still owns the property, 2.)  it's a platformer featuring multiple levels, and 3.) there's really no way to make a story for the the game world.  As you've more than likely guessed though, I, cerpintaxman a.k.a Captain Finds-A-Way-To-Make-Ideas-Work, believe all of this can be either worked around or taken advantage of. 

First, when was the last time you saw Capcom use this property?  There were remakes of the series released on the Game Boy Advance from 2002 to 2004 (at least here in the States), but since then nothing.  It's going on ten years (again, here in the States) since Capcom had any use for the series, so why not sell it?  Sure, Disney would probably need to get involved, along with a bunch of other things that need to happen (me showing my astounding sense of business), but so long as it got into Square Enix's hands, I wouldn't care.  Of course, this is all dependent on whether the folks at Square are even aware that Magical Quest exists.

Secondly, the multiple stage aspect of a platformer could actually work as an advantage in crafting the game into a Kingdom Hearts world.  How many times have you visited a world in the Kingdom Hearts series and have gotten tired of treading back and forth over the same piece of map?  Well, that's where a platformer's multiple levels can be a saving grace.  Magical Quest has six levels, so why not make each into their own distinct maps.  They wouldn't much bigger than your average KH world, but hey, you would be getting six-in-one, giving you all the more time with and all the more to explore in the game.  Also, who wouldn't want to hear Yoko Shimomura take a crack at some of this music?

Lastly, there is a way to make a plot out of The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse. If you can recall the door in the Hall of the Cornerstone in Disney Castle that gets you to Timeless River, that is the key to how to get a story out of The Magical Quest property.  Have some item of importance be contained in this world, giving the gang a reason to visit every level and a purpose for going to the world in the first place.  This is all assuming there's another retro level like Timeless River planned.  If not, then oh well.  If so, then they'd more than likely go with another classic Disney cartoon.  Failing that, it wouldn't be a bad idea to explore part of Disney's video game past instead, right?


Well, there are a few more worlds I would like to see, but I guess for now, explaining and envisioning five of them (well...four actually) is a good cut off point.  But, of course, it doesn't have to end with just what I want to see.  What worlds would you like to see in Kingdom Hearts III?

Take care and thanks for reading!