What a storm! And far worse than I had ever imagined it would be.

Anyway, this won't be too long, just wanted to share my experience  with Hurricane Sandy (and I hope that's the only one we get for a long while!).

The power in my family's apartment went out at about ten minutes shy of five pm and was out for forty-nine hours, which is the longest outage I've ever been through. Weirdly, the wind hadn't quite kicked up when the lights went out. That's not the point though. Hurricane Sandy was easily one of the most amazing, frightening, interesting experiences I've been through. Never outside of winter, have I seen New Jersey so at the mercy of mother nature. I sincerely hope that anyone in New Jersey or better yet the tri-state area got through the storm alright.

Have pictures of some of the damage Hurricane Sandy caused at the apartment complex we live in:

Eventually went out to pick some stuff up at the local Stop & Shop, and wished I'd brought the camera with me: trees down in a lot of places

Things I did to keep myself busy:

Began reading The Hobbit (good book, almost done with it.)

Played as much as I could of Mario Kart 7:

....and some Christmas arts and crafts. (I'm a big Giants and Yankees fan.)

Once again, anyone reading this who got impacted by Sandy, I hope you're alright.

Take care and thanks for reading!

P.S. Internet was out when I wrote this, so it's a day old. .