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Why I Prefer 3DS to PS Vita

For the first time in what feels like a month, I was able to sit down and play a game for the sheer enjoyment of it last night. I didn’t feel like playing a console, so I chose between my two handhelds. Ultimately, Fire Emblem: Awakening for the 3DS was what won. But this made me realize that I really do prefer my 3DS to my PS Vita. Here are the reasons why.

To begin with, the 3DS is genuinely more accessible than the Vita for my fine motor limitations. The system can be placed on a table and, thanks to the hinged lid, I can still enjoy the full experience of the gameplay just as if I were holding it in my hands. By contrast, when setting the Vita down, if a player wants a correct perspective on it, they have to stare directly down at it. Not only is this uncomfortable, it also doesn’t address the problem of not having access to the Vita’s back panel. I know there are stands that you can get for the Vita that allow you to set it up and play it at an easier angle, but even there the convenience of the 3DS’s setup will always put it ahead of the Vita. This is because the 3DS can be set up on any table without the hassle of trying to find a stand and because it is easy to handle just on its own.

But beyond the screen issue, the 3DS is a more comfortable gaming experience. This is because I find the PlayStation Vita to be too oblong and, due to some problems with my wrists, it can be hard to grip the Vita in such a way to effectively use the buttons for extended periods of time. The bottom line is, handheld gaming is gaming that you are supposed to be able to take anywhere and enjoy. Therefore, it has to be a comfortable experience, and for my money the 3DS is just more comfortable than the PS Vita.

This is not to say that the PS Vita is a bad system. It is better in almost every technical field than the 3DS—graphics, sound, user interface, etc. One thing that I particularly enjoy about the Vita is the cross play functionality. It is nice to have console quality games on the go. But this brings me to the second reason why I prefer the 3DS.

The 3DS has a bigger library of better games. I’m always confused when Sony talks about having “console quality games on the go.” It’s almost as if they are only referring to technical specifications. But being a console quality games doesn’t mean just having good graphics and sound. “Console quality games” also implies a depth of immersion that most of Sony’s Vita titles seem to lack. I’m a big Uncharted fan, but I was not able to lose myself in Golden Abyss. It felt exactly like what it was—a handheld version of Uncharted. And yes, even though it looked and sounded like the console games that I love, it didn’t feel like a real Uncharted game. It didn’t pull me in like its console predecessors. As a result, I put it down after about four hours, and I haven’t returned to it since. Compare that with Fire Emblem: Awakening—which has none of the graphical or sound quality of a Vita game, and yet has a great story, challenging game play, and is completely accessible—and it perhaps becomes clearer why I prefer the Nintendo 3DS. The fact that the 3DS has better games is the more important reason for my preference, since I am a gamer first, and my preferences go further than who has the best graphics or the newest technology.


I realize that the Vita is a newer system. But I am afraid that they are going to end up like the PSP, where developers stop making AAA quality titles, and the system will die out. Don’t get me wrong—I think this is a bad thing. I love what the Vita is trying to do. However, I think that they need to focus less on flash and more on substance in their games.


Please feel free to correct me in the comments below, and if there are any games on the PS Vita that you feel like I am missing out on, let me know, as I am always looking out for good handheld games.

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  • I just found the vita uncomfortable to hold without having my figures touching the back touchpad. But I bought one of those Nyko handles for it and now its just a comfortable to hold as a console controller. I highly recommend it. I love the idea of a console on the go. But I issues with the vita for that. 1 is they only did 1 shoulder button for each side. Which means they cannot simply port over console games. 2 is that I find fine controllers with its sticks very hard to do. Like sniping in Uncharted, I've tried changing the sensitivity again and again and still the sniping is widely inaccurate for me. I think its simply the size of the sticks. I also find uncharted vita hard to get into. But I think the issue is that its the fault of being the vita flagship release. So they make it use EVERY feature of the vita. THe touchscreen, motion controls, light sensors, etc... Every time I have to let go of the buttons and touch the touchscreen it pulls me right out of the game. And things like the light sensor and balancing thing are AWFUL. Just a pain in the a.. to do. And like I said sniping just isn't working for me. If there was a way to change the game setting to turn off everything but the button controls uncharted would be instantly many times better.
  • I don't own a vita but I have played with them. While I don't find them as uncomfortable as you do it seems, I do find that they are generally awkward. I like some of the games I've played, such as gravity rush and uncharted, but still the system lacks the wide berth of quality titles that the 3DS has. Fire Emblem: Awakening is one of my favorite games of all time. Ocarina of Time 3D is the best was to play one of the best games ever made. Kid Icarus, 2 Mario games, Resident Evil, and star fox are just a couple other reasons the 3DS is better. Not to mention Pokemon, luigi's mansion, and Mario and luigi: dream team on the way.

    As far as accessibility go, I don't really know, but the stand that actually comes with the 3DS and the one with kid Icarus are both nice little holders that make it easier to play. Great blog.

  • Great blog. But for me I enjoy the sony handhelds for racing games. Thats all I play on them. I still have my PSP 3000 and have put over 400hrs into Gran Turismo. Once the next Gran Turismo comes out and Im sure it'll be available for the Vita. That's when I'll get the vita.

  • I get your point about the games, Sony needs to step it up.

    I also agree that the Vita is superior to the 3ds in tech specs, to.

  • Ive had my vita for about four months before i decided to get a 3ds also. I do agree on the game aspect with you but i do prefer the round format of the vita with my hands. But the 3ds has an incredible game library to enjoy which the vita is lacking. I havent played the vita for at least several weeks due to lack of games. Good blog though

  • If you really want a good vita game the best one you can get right now is Sly cooper thieves in time. I actually prefer my vita over my 3ds I just can't get into Nintendo games anymore I have no idea why guess its because I like open world games and stuff and Nintendo doesn't offer much of that. And with Sony s press conference tommorow here's hoping we will get A LOT more solid vita titles like Sly 4.
  • You know, I don't even own either system. But if I was to say which one I'd be most likely to buy, the answer would easily be the 3DS. For all it's power, the Vita is not offering any experiences I can't get from my PSP or iPod Touch.

  • I'd like to point out one really good thing that many are overlooking with the 3DS. Since the system has been released, it seems like Nintendo has really stepped up on trying to deliver quality experiences on handhelds, and a part of that that few people seem to notice is the much better localisation of their games. This is just judging from my time with Kid Icarus: Uprising and Fire Emblem: Awakening (My two favorite 3DS games thus far), but there are virtually none of the dialogue problems I've come to expect from Japanese games. Dialogue flows well and Woolseyisms are smartly applied. While much of it likely has to do with better teams and budgets, I feel that one of the largest contributing factors is their hiring of better voice acting talent. To me, that says that Nintendo has more respect and devotion to quality for their western audience than the vast majority of Japanese developers. I honestly think that if anyone can break Japan's culture freeze, it's Nintendo.
  • The entire reason i do not own a vita is admittingly a spiteful reason; i hate having to buy their version of the sd card. A simple storage card of which i own a ton...but sony of course wants their format and it feels that i am getting nickle and dimed. Love the vita, love the back catalogue, and love the potential. It kills me i cant play persona 4...but i simply wont support their media card! Love my ps3 though!
  • I've found that the 3DS has a better sound output than the vita in my opinion.