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31 Things I Learned in 2009 (I'm a cheap rip-off!)

Yes, I ripped off BatmanPrime's list, but I wanna see people reaction. (BTW, he did not copyright it, so *** off!)

EDIT: He did ask me to put a link to his blog post in here, which I decided to do because I do mock his post and got the idea from him. http://gameinformer.com/blogs/members/b/batmanprime_blog/archive/2010/01/03/40-things-i-learned-in-2009.aspx

  • Nobody from the old site wants to teach noobs how to act on this website.
  • I actually like Michael Jackson. (He is now one of my guilty pleasures.)
  • Pop Rocks and Coca-Cola will actually make you constipated.
  • In a series of movies, they can actually make the sequel worse. (I'm looking at you New Moon.)
  • Ska Punk music is more under-appreciated than ever before.
  • The DS can actually have a fun game. (Scribblenauts!)
  • Mosh pits are made up of 60% of shirtless men, 30% fat men, 7% women, and 3% lesbians.
  • Batman is cool when regarded in anything!
  • Pixar is cool, but not as cool as when Toy Story came out.
  • Air Drumming will score you chicks.
  • Animals can be douchebags.
  • Blowing sh it up can be fun. (If you work for Mythbusters.)
  • Rocks can be hard sometimes.
  • Any Metal Sucks! (I'm gonna get bashed for that one.)
  • Insane Clown Posse has not been killed by Eminem fans.
  • Michael Bay could make a video game.
  • BatmanPrime does "a lot of things with his brother" (Gid-iddy!)
  • I still have a 9-year-old mind. (Look at the above joke.)
  • Vampires are very lame.
  • Dan Ryckert can make a basketball shot. (http://gameinformer.com/blogs/editors/b/gidan_blog/archive/2009/10/03/dans-basketball-bet.aspx)
  • Anything that flies can poop while in air.
  • Disillumination ignores his conscience. (http://gameinformer.com/blogs/members/b/disillumination_blog/archive/2010/01/01/this-new-years-i-shook-hands-with-guilt.aspx)
  • Timothy Hutton hasn't lost his acting talent. (Leverage is coming back and I'm loving it!)
  • Kenan Thompson was actually funny one point in his career. (Kenan & Kel, All That, etc...)
  • Sony can convince anyone to buy a PS3. (I used to be a Sony hater.)
  • Martin Lawrence wasn't fat ten years ago.
  • I learned how to use bulletpoints.
  • Matt doesn't save too often. (http://gameinformer.com/blogs/editors/b/gibertz_blog/archive/2009/12/29/autosave-rage.aspx#comments)
  • Like me, Andy sucks at Flying games. ("You should see me play a flying game. It's like watching a mosquito trapped in a bug zapper - I drive around like a drunk until I eventually go down in a spectacular light show of death.")
  • I can not make good "GI Online" appropriate jokes.
  • I am probably gonna get butt-raped by half the users on here for multiple reasons.