Gaming Ethicsgamin

Does anyone else have some sort of ethics of gaming on or offline? I have some invisible boundary that I never cross. It’s like if I do this, I don’t think I deserve it. (Yes I know, I apparently have a conscience!)

Rule #1 – CAMPING – I usually never do it unless it is a Recon or Sniper where you are supposed to do it. I usually run-and-gun. I have learned to deal with it, but it really pisses me off when someone goes prone and sits where nobody would be able to kill without going to unnecessary measures. (Example: Someone is laying prone behind a open doorway and kills everyone who always walks the other way. Being behind an open doorway, they would be invulnerable to grenades.) Spawn-camping pisses me off even more.

Rule #2 – MODS, GLITCHES, AND CHEATS – Another one is mods, glitches, and cheats. The mods make it unfair for the other players and doesn’t let you know how good you really are. Glitches just piss everyone off! (Except the person exploit the glitch.) Cheats are just the same as the above. I’m really glad online service providers are cracking down on this because it ruins the gaming experience for everyone else!

Rule #3 –MIC SPAM – While I AM a younger gamer, I don’t recite my curse alphabet over my mic. I will get people upset and gets you in trouble. I don’t cuss people out every time I get killed. Most of the time, I just laugh it off and keep playing. I’ve heard other young gamer literally start crying over a game on his mic. Just calm down, or if you don’t know how to, contact a counselor.

Does anyone has ethics that they would violate?