Bioware's new RPG, Dragon Age: Origins is going to be supported for awhile with DLC and minor quests.

Both Gamasutra and Destructoid report that DA:O will be getting full support for the next one to two years.

Destructoid: "Yeah, we have plans that stretch out for basically two years," explains executive producer Mark Darrah. "And it's going to be everything from really small stuff like item packs up to larger quests that might last an hour or two up to even fully fledged expansion packs. Really it’s a broad long term support plan for the game."

Gamasutra: DLC trends at EA will continue to snowball. Dragon Age, a packaged and digital game developed by EA subsidiary BioWare, is selling "very well" and will receive regular DLC through the next "12 months-plus," Brown said. Giving consumers the option to spend more than the $50 or $60 can be advantageous for game makers.

I'm happy with the first DLC and I want to see what Bioware can pull off with making it get too repetitive.