This is my first rant that is directly related to this website. I still see some places on this website that could get some more polish.

For starters, the points system. Over in my stats right now, it says I have 857 points. The stats it says I have are:

7 Blog Posts

205 Forum Posts

1 Review


By my calculations, that is very wrong. I figured out 1180 plus all of the ratings I have given things. I think this should be fixed because I would be a level 7 power member/subscriber. Can we please get this fixed?

Next, the friend list. I would like a few things added to them. One, can we have something when we are looking at our friend list that will tell us that they are online. I don't like going through all of my friends just to find out that none of them are on. Second, the ability to arrange your friends. I purposely deleted my friend and re-added him just so I didn't have to go through the friend list just to get to his page. (So I could see if he was on.)

My final complaint is actually about the site it's self, but its' users. Can we be more conscientious about what we post on this site? I was just looking through the guides and the first 6 guides were God of Irony making stupid comments just so he could post in the Borderlands forums. He needed points so he decided to waste up the space and our time by posting up some idiotic comments. It was cheap! Some of us actually spend our time on something worth it! Those are just 90 points he didn't deserve! Using him as an example, can we not waste GI's broadband with stupid comments?

If you agree or disagree with any of this stuff, comment or send me a Conservation and if I get enough comments, I'll make a post about it.