Hi, I'm Wayne Strickland I like short walks on the beach, piña colada jelly beans, and (not) getting caught in the rain. I'm coming to you on 8/3/2011, from the information emporium known as GIO.

  Alright, I'm disappointed in you guys. Nobody replied to A: a funny story from when you eating while gaming, and B: a time when you completely beat a game. Your lack of time or creativity has caused "Uncle Wayne-O's Story Time" to be canceled, shame on you. )-:  However you can resurrect this unaired monstrosity by sending in your stuff now. Uncle Wayne-O's countin' on you guys. (- ;

 I'm guessing you guys thought it was just a joke last time, well it wasn't. Unlike Capcom, when I say something is coming out, it comes out (sorry Mega-Man fans).


  I announced it so here it is.- "Today in Gaming News" 

Yeah...needs more blood.

   Twisted Metal developer Eat Sleep Play recently announced in a press conference that the new Twisted Metal would now shoot for the "M" rating, saying: "It just wasn't the same without blood." In response to that, everybody in a 10-foot radius me either started asking "It was supposed to be teen?" or shouting "Hallelujah, thank ya' Jesus!" Then they started a debate amongst themselves over what was the better game, TM: Black or TM 2. Oddly enough, it eventually ended in everybody agreeing that Calypso had a really weird voice in the early games.  Needless to say their announcement was welcomed, and Twisted Metal fans should expect to revv their engines on October 4.


Satoru Iwata sayz heez beez sorrry.

For those of you who didn't know already the 3DS's price will drop from $249.99 to $169.99 on August 12'Th. There's no easy way to put this, but people are obviously angry. Giantbomb.com translated a letter posted on Nintendo's Japanese Website that stated something around the lines of:

  "Were really sorry, but were here to make money off you suckers. We're a company, that's what we do.  What do you think the Wii was for, it was a stunt to get people interested in the Wii U. It was basically a white rectangular GameCube. And believe it or not, it only cost us 1/16 of what you paid for it... to build the darn things! (Reggie had a reason to be happy in 2008, Ex. Bonuses!). But back to the 3DS, were going to pull a SONY and give you guys' free stuff that the majority of you have probably purchased over the years. We hope that this will smooth things over from you feeling like you're getting shanked, and wasting $90 for being impatient (Again, YOUR fault not ours). And to you developers, we know our new development kits are overpriced, and you would rather make cheaper games for the old systems. But because of this disservice we've done to our customers, more people will buy our cheaper system (We've studied Microsoft's tactics, and it works for them!), thus more people will buy your games....that is if we approve it for manufacturing.

Our customers are extremely important to us, Blah, Blah, Ambassador Program. I'm getting tired of touting our success; let's just skip to the end.....  

Thank you again, and we look forward to your continued flow of cash, I mean "support".

We'll see you later, but now me and the other Nintendo execs are going to catch "Capcom's How to Exploit Wallets" seminar. I hear they're announcing the Limited Edition: Super Street Fighter 4 3D Gold Arcade Edition EX Turbo HD Remix the New Challengers: Directors Cut GOTY Platinum Edition: Arcade Stick Bundle, and there un-announcing a new Mega-Man game!"

Peace Sukerz! - Satoru Iwata"

*shudder*  Wow, after hearing all that I feel like taking a shower! Well, at least Nintendo's one of the more honest companies' around...I guess? I don't even own a 3DS.....but I think now is a pretty good time to get one. (-;

"I feel a disturbance in the force". That can only mean one thing; George Lucas is trying to hock more Star-Wars crap on us fanboys!


 There will be a new Star-Wars themed Xbox 360 released this holiday. The bundle will include a 320GB Xbox 360 S complete with R2-D2 decals, a white Kinect sensor, a gold Xbox 360 Controller (a' la C3-PO), and a copy of the new game Star-Wars Kinect and Kinect Adventures.  If that's not enough for ya';  Microsoft has replaced the standard Xbox 360 sounds with new R2-D2 ones for powering up, ejecting discs, X-Wing auto pilot, and hacking the Empire's terminals. You know all the usual Xbox stuff. It should be coming to a galaxy near you this holiday for $449. 

This will look great next to my stacks of unopened Han-Solo figures ! 


Well that wraps it up for "Today in Gaming News" join me next time for more ideally incorrect news.


I like turtles, I also like potatoes so here they are.


(Imagine "ode to joy" playing, like in Peggle) 



  We'll we've ran out of time boys and girls, but I will cover useless Achievements/Trophies next time. Maybe... I don't know. At the best I'll try to do it, but no promises. And if you didnt get any of the jokes or you are confused in anyway just check out my last post here, It will explain everything.


¿Dónde está el baño porque el queso es muy caliente? - Wayne Strickland



P.S. Congratulations to My Uncle Shane and Aunt Arelis on their Beautiful Baby Boy!