....at least in my opinion.

                          When it comes to my taste in movies, I don't claim to have very good opinions. While I enjoy films, I haven't seen many classics, thus the reason why The Godfather was excluded from my Top 5 favorite movies. When you look at my Top 5 list for albums, you may think the same thing. The oldest album on this list came out only 10 years ago, when I was only six. Either way, I stand proud of this list. As a little boy, i didn't listen to music, as i was too busy watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and The Rugrats. Thanks to my older brother though, that soon changed. He was in middle school at the time of Blink 182's success, and he passed down his interest for the band, mainly of the tracks from Enema of the state(1999) and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket(2001). My interest in music further developed when the hardcore scene grew. I then grew on bands like UnderOath with They're Only Chasing Safety(2004) and Emery with The Weak's End(2004). With the music interest gained from my brother, I then developed my own taste in music, further experimenting with any genre in rock. Part of the reason that i chose what I have, is the significance behind them, and how they shaped my musical interest that I have today. So here it is, my favorite albums of all time.

                          I have a  link with each artist's that has a You tube video of my personal favorite song from that album, as I know my taste in music isn't the most popular.

5. Anberlin- Never Take Friendship personal (2005)
- They bring you in with the accessibility of pop, and wind it back with a punk emo style with great lyrics to match. With eleven tracks, the album mainly focuses on relationships, such as writing to a girl who won't write back, and a girl who attempts to rekindle an old relationship, but is, "a day late."  Nice guitar riffs, and the lead singer's beautifully distinctive voice hooked me on this album, and is why it's my choice as number five.

4. Chiodos- All's Well That End's Well (2005)

- Crunching guitar Riffs accompanied by screaming and singing-pretty generic. The Chiodos did it with this album though made a refreshing print on a slowly dying genre. Lead singer Craig Owens is heralded as one of the greatest singers in the post-hardcore genre. He's able to hit high notes that few men can do, and the lyrics that he belts out aren't generic, as he quotes frequently from Shakespeare. All this is accompanied by a keyboard that doesn't just do synth work, but actually has a prominent role.

3. Silverstein- Discovering the Waterfront (2005)

- Take the post-hardcore scream, sing, catchy chorus mentality, fuse it with punk, and lose the overall too-poppy sound of similar artist and you get this album. While the lyrics are fairly standard affair, combined with the creativity of the guitar, it forms a great bond that last through the entire album. No song seems to be wasted space. The band keeps it catchy, especially with the intro to songs as smile in your sleep, which speaks of betrayal, and winds off with the masterpiece Call it Karma, which speaks of a relationship ending that was necessary.

2. Jack Johnson- In Between Dreams (2005)
- Few artists can get away with saying "boob tube" and still be taking seriously. Jack Johnson is one of these few. Mainly known as being chill, or as SNL actor Andy Samberg calls him, the mellow man, he is ridiculously good at making relaxed music. All of Jack's most famous work has come off this album, though it's other tracks are where it comes to be the amazing album it is. Rather than complete random-ness, In Between Dreams has a relaxed tone with structured songs. Jack adds in subtleties of reggae, and speaks of depressing topics such as death (and speaks of life in the very same song) along with upbeat songs such as better together.

1. Envy on The Coast- Lucy Gray (2007)
- On July 12th of this year, Envy on The Coast called it quits. two members left, and the remaining two, tired of "the scene" and the "flavor of the week" bands, decided not to go on without them. After their self-titled EP, the band worked hard on their premiere full-lengthed, taking with them their eccentricities and making it work even better with actually structure and more variety. Lead singer Ryan Hunter wows with an amazing voice, with the best lyrics I've seen ever. Going the poetic route, but not needing a decrypter ring to understand the meanings behind the song. his writing goes from a first person experience of being taken to the Emergency room to a beautiful song about his mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rather than ride the tails of generic emo records, they experiment, without straying to far, which is successful, which makes it my favorite album of all time.

                                                                       other great acknowledgments:

Ryan Keen- Aiming for the sun (2009)
-the only thing keeping this from the top 5 is the fact that it's a five song EP. Keen is a fairly unknown artist in Britain, but is more deserving of fame than any artist I've seen. He stays in an acoustic style with some folk and blues added in, and along with his amazing sultry voice comes an expert guitar playing that I've never seen before. He throws in percussive elements into each song via his guitar, and makes August from August Rush seem like a chump. He only finger picks, and it's with that type of guitar playing that he shows his superiority. it's to find a great artist, with both amazing talent in singing and their instrument, which is why Ryan Keen is so amazing.

Dynamite Hack- Superfast (2000)
- Listening to Blink 182 hooked me on the punk genre, and Dynamite Hack are a culmination of that and of Green day (pre-American Idiot). While still keeping the funny charm of blink (covering the Easy E song Boys N the hood), and making it dirtier with elements of Grunge. Not being the generic catchy power chord band, they include it with other elements such as awesome bass lines. Listening to their songs today rekindles my interest in the genre that I developed when I was younger.

                                                             So there it is. Coming away from this, you're probably thinking a few things: 2005 was a very good year for me, and that my list is in a very small category. Both assumptions are right. Being only 16, my musical background isn't extensive, though I know and recognize more oldies than anyone else my age, they just don't have the same appeal as the albums in my list do. As I stated, I'm happy and confident with my opinions in music, unlike in films.
As always, comment about how terrible you think my list is, and tell me your favorite albums of all time!