November 9th is a fairly big day for any gamer. The newest addition to the best-selling FPS of all time arrives: Call of Duty: Black Ops. This time around it's set in the Cold War era, ditching World War II for good. Millions of people were let down by Modern Warfare 2, and everyone's looking to Treyarch, who aren't known for making great Call of Duty games to redeem the series. Can they succeed, and dig the franchise out of the hole created by Modern Warfare 2? I think they will, and it just might be the best one yet.

                       Looking back at the Call of Duty franchise, the successful multiplayer  began with Call of Duty 2. No perks, attachments, Killstreaks, and even no sprint. Just you, your gun (which actually had recoil) a grenade, and a smoke. If you killed an enemy, it was deserved. Skill was the only reason why someone was able to kill another, and the lack of it was the reason behind their death.

Come around to November 10th, 2009, and the sixth Call of Duty title releases. Numerous amounts of perks, attachments, and killstreaks make the game sound very appealing. After all, being the gunner of an AC-130 gunship sounds awesome...and it was for a short while. People eventually realized that there was nearly no skill involved, Killstreaks were ridiculously over powered, and combinations of  such perks as One Man Army and Danger Close practically made the game unplayable. Once people got of the high of having a new Modern Warfare, they realized that it wasn't very sweet.

Black Ops is next in line for the series, and Treyarch is attempting to craft the next great Call of Duty. Perks such as One Man Army, Danger Close, Commando, and even Stopping Power are gone. Killstreaks contain less firepower, and can't be obtained through the help of other killstreaks (meaning that to obtain an 11 killstreak gunship, you have to personally kill eleven opponents). The series seems to returning to a more skill-needed shooter. It's simplifying some aspects, yet adding in great new ones, such as earning COD Points, and choosing which attachments  and such you want to buy.

Will Black Ops be next great Call of Duty, or will it be the unbalanced mess that was Modern Warfare 2? Part of the problem with the latter was the fact that there was no Beta, and therefore balance issues couldn't be noted easily. Black Ops followed the same path, and decided not to release a beta. Will the same glitches and balance issues corrupt Black Ops as well? Some issues  also won't be noticed until the release, such as spawning, which was terrible in Modern Warfare.

So what do you think, will Treyarch make the greatest Call of Duty ever, or just an unbalanced mess?
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Note: After reading this blog, you might think that I'm an avid MW2 hater. While the game is unbalanced, and has many flaws, it contains the same addictive Call of Duty formula that has taken, according to my leaderboards, 15 days of my life. Even with all the flaws, I still manage to find some fun it it.