Haven't written a blog in quite some time, so I shall bring you the most amazing thing you have ever seen: The Coke Freestyle machine.



              The machine just premiered at a fast-food place in Georgia called Zaxby's (a south-east chicken tender joint). It's essentially a coke fountain, just with 100 extra flavors, a touch screen, and a magical button. You choose from the broad category of Coke products: Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Vault, and even Fanta and Hi-C.
From there, a more detailed selection screen pops up, showing the flavors of that product (i.e vanilla Coke, orange Coke, grape Vault, strawberry sprite). It is pretty much awesome, and has changed my life forever.






From what I've read, there are less than 100 in the world, and I believe this is one of two in my state of Georgia. For the entire list of drinks check out this site:


So if are one of the lucky few who have experienced this machine, what's your favorite drink? My personal favorite is the Orange Coke, which may sound disgusting but it absolutely delicious. Sorry for the lack of a blog in the past months, just busy with school, so I thought I'd post a quickie on this amazing machine.