Not Again!

A guide on what to do while your Xbox is being repaired.

                 Currently, my Xbox is going on it's second trip to the Microsoft Repair Center In Texas. This time around it has suffered from an e74 error, which is a type of Hardware Failure. So, I decided that i should write a blog about it!


Your Xbox has died....again. What's a man to do for 14-21 business days? here's a guide on what to do while your Xbox is being repaired.

Note: this blog is part-humorous, part-helpful, so dont get offended.



1. Contemplate Suicide

                  Not having an Xbox for 2 to 3 weeks is a hard thing. No Xbox means no Xbox live. You can't play Modern Warfare 2 or Bad Company 2. Not having an Xbox means missing out on new game releases like Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption, or Skate 3.  You also can't get the new Modern Warfare Resurgence package when it debuts. No Xbox means no life.Depression hits in, and there's suddenly nothing to do.... You find yourself staring into a dark abyss of nothingness.


 2. Realize that Commando no longer controls your life.

               Not having Modern Warfare 2 may not be such a bad thing. You no longer have to worry about someone lunging across a map and knifing you. Unlimited suplies of Noob-Tubes via One Many Army that are amplified with Danger close is no longer a threat to you. Life may begin to become enjoyable....

3. Play computer games..for free!

        If you have a computer that doesn't run Windows 97', you're in luck! There are tons of Online Multiplayer FPS games out there for free-think Counter-strike, but free. Many don't take too long to download, and don't require a good computer to run. Here are some examples of some that i consider good:

Quake Live, Battlefield Heroes, Crossfire, and Sudden Attack.

The first one,Quake Live, is similar to Quake II, and is probably the best on this list. After downloading the necessary files, you can play this game from your browser! it's extremely fun, and features a practice mode with bots, and superb matchmaking that suggest matches by judging what you want to play, location, and connection. Battlefield Heroes is made by Dice, and features customizable characters and vehicles. It has a cartoony style of graphics and is during the WWII era(think Battlefield 1943). Crossfire and Sudden Attack are set in modern times, and seem to be similar to Counter-Strike. Crossfire has tons of updates and features.  It also has a great mode called ghost mode-which is similar to Modern Warfares Search and destroy mode.Sudden Attack is very similar to crossfire and is pretty standard.


4. Find a new medium of Entertainment.

              The Reason why I have A Game Informer account is because of my i decided to start blogging again. During phases of boredom it's great to pick up new hobbies. Rekindle a love for reading, start watching a new TV series(or catch up on one), or anything. In my case,having no xbox has definately got me reading again(peep the about of my page for what i'm currently reading).



(^had to add in Heroes since it is now cancelled.) sum it up all up, it sucks. i decided to write this blog just for the fact that i have nothing to do. I'll get through it, and to make up for the fact that the 360's hardware fails, Microsoft is generous enough to throw in thirty day's of Xbox Live for free everytime you send your system in! how sweet.....

Don't Forget to comment! and share your stories of your xbox getting the red ring and stuff!