This Thursday, Fringe, J.J Abrams science fiction show, has it's second season finale. I rarely ever watch TV(most of my time with TV is when I'm playing my Xbox) but this has a special place in my heart. Fringe is about of group of people who work for a section of the government. They deal with special anomalies such as teleportation, shape shifting, and generic sci-fi stuff. While my Description may come off Cheesy, when it does deal with generic science-fiction, it makes it look extremely believable. Each episode tends to deal with a new occurance, all which are somehow connected, in a thing called "the pattern." The most recent episodes have dealt with an alternate universe that has been featured throughout the series. The biggest shocker that the series has unrolled is the fact that Peter, the son of fringe scientist Walter, was actually stolen from an alternate universe. Peter has since found out, and has returned to his actual universe with his actual Father (dubbed Walternate).  Through information obtained by Olivia(the main character) and Walter, Peter is going to be used to either save or end the world(unfortunately, fringe is deciding to go with a cliche style ending to the season).

For a more detailed(ahem..better) synopsis of the show here's the wikipedia  page.

Abrams made fringe very different than Lost,  wanting to not leave so many cliffhangers, and making it a show where watching ever episode isn't a necessity. I was hesitant at first, but jumped on the show at about episode 3 when i was encouraged by a friend.

If you have ever watched Fringe, you may know that there are tons of secrets in every episode.

-Each episode features an Observer(mysterious people who observe important events in history). sometimes hidden, and sometimes featured heavily.

- Before each commercial break, there is a symbol(frog with the omega sign, handprint with 6 fingers, butterfly,etc.). They are codes for a word that deals with the story. (for the most recent episode, over there part 1, the glyphs spelled out weapon.

-there are many references to Lost(Abrams other show), and clips of it thrown throughout the story.

So, what do you think of Fringe? Good? Bad?  Any theories?

-And If you're a fan of fringe, check out They talk about everything Fringe, tell you glyph meanings and tons of crazy-awesome stuff about the show. They're also on twitter @fringetv.

post your opinions and tell me!

Update: I almost forgot. for people who watch fringe, check out It's a little comic series some person has done that is pretty creative,and is essentially Fringe, the show, in a refridgerator. Olivia is an olive, Peter is peta, Agent broiles is agent broiled, and Walter is water. it is fantastic for fringe viewers, and uses quotes that many will be familiar with. check it out!

Update 2: Fringe Season Finale thoughts

                      Well after watching the season finale I'd say that it was nothing short of amazing. The big twist was a shocker, and had some great symbolism behind it(if you're curious about it message me-I don't wanna spoil the finale for anyone). There were a few things that bothered me-such as Peter's strong willingness to go back home, and the closure between Walter and Bell seemed somewhat forced because of Nemoy's retirement.

The amount of easter eggs and hidden things was crazy! The Glyph code for the episode was "Weiss." Weiss is the worker at a Bowling alley who helped Olivia after the effects of traveling to the other univers in the season 1 finale.


^Sam Weiss


Another thing that stood out was a phrase written on a chalkboard in the lab that Walter and Bell worked in.

The phrase said "A demon's Twist Rusts" which was found out to be an anagram that actually says " Don't trust Sam Weiss."

This is a very confusing revalation, since He has been portrayed as a good person in the few episodes he was in... Even helping Olivia get back on her feet. 

In a radio interview that Joshua Jackson(Peter Bishop in the show) had he said that the Second season would have a lot to do with the Alternate Universe which is great- no loose ends here.

-Here's another cool tidbit. This is the map of the U.S in the Alternate universe. the Dakotas, Virginia, And the Carolina's aren't spiltting in half. Texas is split in half to form North Texas and South Texas. California has half of it's state missing, presumably from earthquakes.

Fringe will return this Fall.

If you watched the Season Finale, what'd you think? Comment about your opinions on it!