Well.... since I just joined I thought I'd give you a generic about me....

My name's Jeremy... I go by C00k on Xbox live and such.


I'm a diehard musician, love guitar and music.

I only own the 360, but Love it- though it loves Traveling to Mesquite, Texas to the xbox repair center too much.( I say 2 is too many)

I'm Currently enjoying Modern Warfare 2, Assassins Creed 2, battlefield: bad company 2, Trials HD, and Splinter Cell: Conviction.

I'm currently Jealous of anyone who has Skate 3( i'm a diehard skate fan. I'm only missing one achievement from skate 2-though i'm no achievement ***.) and Alan Wake (is it even out Yet?)

 If I were to be catagorized into a Music-genre it'd technically be "post-hardcore" (harcore with more singing, more melody, and more emo's). My current favorite albums are envy on the coast's self titled Ep, and Lucy gray by them (old records that i just now experienced. but amazing!), and the new Deftones album- Diamond Eyes.

^Envy on the Coast's first self-titled EP

 and yeah.....


for those interested in guitars, I own An Epiphone G-400 SG (satin finish), and a Yahama Acoustic, mini-jumbo body, of which i currently do not remember the name of.

 On the Movie/TV show side, I'm currently(and will always be) watching Fringe.

Haven't seen any good movies recently, though Robin Hood looks great, and it's by Ridley scott (gladiator) and has the same lead character as that movie (russell crow).


and... yeah. I'm not used to blogging, so constructive criticism is awesome. I use to blog on 1up, but this site has hit my fancy....so yeah.