It may have taken me more than a decade to play one of my favorite games of all time, but I finally did, and it was glorious. Shadow of the Colossus came out for PS4 this past week and I had every intention of picking up the game for the second time and really giving it a go. I had originally purchased the HD remaster on PS3 and I even played the first few colossi when I did, but for some reason I never ended up finishing. I genuinely don't remember what happened when I got that version, but for whatever reason I just never made it very far. That being said, I want to jump right into some thoughts about the game and exactly what made it special enough for me to put it in my top ten games all-time!

Before I dive right in, if you want to see one of my hilarious deaths follow this LINK (if the link doesn't work, sorry, I tried).




First of all, I want to tell anyone who has played either of the older versions of the game that it is fully intact with this version, old school annoying controls and all. I can absolutely see someone complaining about the controls not feeling as modern or polished as other games, but I personally felt that they were fine after getting used to them. By the time I downed the second colossus I felt plenty comfortable with the control scheme. 

Second of all, THIS GAME IS FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. The views are breath taking. The colossi are larger than life awesome and look just as amazing (except the two colossi that are essentially lion size, easily my two least favorite fights). I found myself taking PlayStation screenshots frequently and they even include a camera mode in game, but I honestly haven't played around with the camera mode much.

The game starts off easing you into things. The first colossus is one of the closest to the starting area and one of the most approachable. You get a pretty good sense of the game from the first fight and each battle after becomes increasingly more challenging and fun (for the most part). The 13th colossus is by far my favorite fight. One of the best boss fights of all time for me, and as a Dark Souls fan I can tell you I have a lot of favorite bosses. As I have said a couple times already, the two fights against the smaller colossi were not as fun as the others, but I guess I can understand the need for wanting to mix things up and they are well spaced out between the other colossi.

The map for the game is fairly large and it ends up playing more of a role than just going from point A to point B. While you can use your sword to show you the direction of your next colossus, the map has some tricky paths that can make finding a colossus more of a challenge than I expected. I am not the type of player to explore every nook and cranny of vast open areas in games, but even though my primary objective was to locate the next colossus I still enjoyed getting lost in the world. I'm not sure if I would have felt the same playing the game on PS2 because of the obvious differences in appearance, but the PS4 version certainly was a blast to explore and just take it all in.


I have to tell you, I never expected the game to end the way it did. There are very few cut-scenes in the game and I kind of just expected things to end and leave things to the players imagination. I was wrong. VERY VERY WRONG. I entirely expected to die as the main character, it was obvious I was doing something taboo, but I never expected to become the evil entity known as Dormin. Suddenly I became one of the very colossi I had been defeating and I was wrecking Lord Emon's men like they were insignificant flies. I even got the trophy for using Dormin's breath attack, though I have no clue what I did to trigger it. It was such an epic finish to a game that I fully anticipated ending in an anticlimactic way. Even when Emon began to seal away Dormin again I was still in control of Wander, and I had the singular goal of reaching the altar where I had left Mono to rest. The game let's you get pretty close before you hit an invisible wall that forces you to give up and seals you away forever. Or does it?

Even when the credits began to roll I felt satisfied, but the end cut-scene continued through the credits and you find yourself reborn as a child with horns and Mono is indeed resurrected! I have no idea how SotC ties in to Ico, but now I find myself hoping for another remake. Hell, I may even just play the PS3 version so I can see how the games connect.

If SotC is on your radar and you just aren't sure I cannot stress enough how good it is on PS4. Even after completing the game there is plenty to do with time trial challenges and new weapons and items to unlock. I look forward to diving deeper into the game and I have absolutely put Ico and The Last Guardian on my "need to play" list.

Thanks for reading!