It seems like every time I get a setup for gaming I have something that goes wrong. TV stand is too small, speaker bar blocks the bottom of the TV, not enough HDMI ports and so on. Since I have moved back home I have had only one recurring issue. My chair.

Back in 2016 I bought a chair I thought would be a good fit for my room. It was the X Rocker Pedestal Gaming Chair. I even wrote a review about it here. It lasted longer than it had a right to in my room, but that was mostly out of me being incredibly stubborn about getting rid of it. The chair wasn't bad at first. I actually enjoyed how low it was to the floor. The back was curved and comfortable. The problem was that the seat was also curved. It actually curved up into the bottom of my legs and caused them to have poor circulation and the only way I could alleviate this problem was to put pillows on the chair. Even with the pillows I still had to stand up frequently just to stretch out my legs. Not cool man...

Anyway, I finally couldn't take it anymore and this Christmas I got myself a nice new chair for my room. This time I went all in too. I have been keeping tabs on the Secretlab website for quite awhile and I have read plenty of reviews about their chairs. The one thing that really just never sold me on the chair I wanted was the inability to return the chair. It's a huge gamble to buy something that expensive and know that if you hate it you're screwed. They had a sale going on back in December though and I decided to take the plunge.

I ordered the Titan. It was on back order, but it shipped in mid January. The box was huge, but when I opened it everything in it was organized quite well. There weren't many parts to sort through and the entirety of the instructions were summed up in a few easy steps. It probably took me 20 minutes to put the chair together. The chair comes fully equipped with completely adjustable arm rests, adjustable backrest, a tilt mechanism that allows the chair to rock or lock into place, a built in adjustable lumbar support system, and a head pillow.

This pillow really is wonderful

First impressions were pretty good for the Titan. My only gripe was how firm the bottom of the chair was, but it is loosening up. I also thought it should come with a back pillow, but I'm an idiot and didn't realize it had a built in lumbar system until I looked it up online. The knob on the right side of the chair turns allowing you to increase or decrease the height of the lumbar support that is built into the back of the chair. That was a game changer and it makes a huge difference once you get it set where you want it. The head pillow is also a wonderful addition and I couldn't imagine not having it at this point. For the most part the chair feels incredibly sturdy and it should last for quite awhile, but I do fear that the thin strap that keeps the head pillow in place may go long before any other part of the chair does. At least that shouldn't be to bad to replace.

Now if I was using this chair at a desk I dare say it would be as close to perfect as it gets. I, however, am using it as a gaming chair in the middle of my room. It still works pretty well for my purposes, but unlike my old chair it does not sit low to the floor. Why bring that up? Well unfortunately this causes a problem when I have a drink. I can't reach it on the floor anymore and there is no cup holder on the chair. I realize most people will be using this chair at a desk, but the addition of a cup holder would be amazing. I would even be willing to buy an attachment if Secretlab ever made one. A silly gripe I know, but I still think it would be a great addition to the chair.

Ultimately I think I made a good choice with the Titan. Even at its premium price I feel like I got a good deal. You really can tell Secretlab put a lot of effort into making this chair everything it claims to be.