I finished Horizon this past week and it was fantastic. Once I finished I dove a bit deeper into BotW. I had been playing BotW in between sessions of Horizon, but I hadn't done anything more than explore and climb towers to open up more of the map. Now that I have gotten a bit deeper into BotW I can't help but notice the incredible similarities between it and Horizon.

The Main Characters:

Link and Aloy. Both of these characters are essentially reborn in a world of the future. Link is asleep for 100 years after sealing away Calamity Ganon and Aloy is cloned roughly 1000 years after her "mother" created what would ultimately save Earth. Because of who they are and the ancient technology they both wield each character has access to a world that is restricted to all others. Both have a desire to unlock the secrets of their past which is what leads them down their path to destiny.

Due to the way Link and Aloy are brought into their worlds neither of them seem to belong. Their existence is made to feel almost taboo. Sure they make friends through their heroic deeds, but for the most part they are alone. I could delve deeper into this, but there is already a great post (here) discussing this in great detail for Link and I feel it is somewhat appropriate for both characters.

Ancient Technology Run Amok:

Machines of destruction are littered throughout Hyrule and Aloy's Earth. Both were created to protect, but eventually they would be "corrupted" and destroy that which they were meant to save. Not only does corruption influence ancient machines in both worlds, there are also corruption zones that simply standing in can be a detriment to each characters health. Both games even use a red-ish glow indicating corruption. When Link and Aloy manage to "hack" a machine it turns blue indicating they are on your side and when a corruption area is cleared the corruption disappears.

Cauldrons/Ruins VS Shrines/Divine Beasts:

Whether it's the combination of Cauldrons and Ancient Ruins in Horizon or the combination of Shrines and Divine Beasts in BotW, both combinations ultimately serve the same purpose. Each combo is meant to make the character stronger and reveal more of the characters past. Completing all of them is optional for both games, but the payoff is worth the time (at least it was for Horizon, I'm still making my way through Zelda).

I know there are ways to make a lot of games sound similar, but I can't help but feel like Horizon and BotW are more similar than most. Maybe I am just trying to force it, especially since I am playing them back to back.

Have you played both of these great games yet? Let me know if I'm crazy or not. Or let me know what other games you've played that had striking similarities.