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It’s been a busy week in the gaming industry.  Everyone is preparing for E3 and a lot of good news is being spread around for every gaming system.



Sony’s announcement that the PS4 and Vita will be used in a similar method to the Wii U’s gamepad is exciting and shows the versatility of the PS4.  This is big news because it is a new interface option for the PS4 and might increase the sales and Vita’s market share.  It also opens the door to dual screen gaming even more.  Being a big fan of the Wii U’s gamepad I think dual screen gaming and new interfaces like this are the future for gaming.




Microsoft analyst Rick Sherlund argued that Microsoft should get rid of either the XBOX or Bing to increase revenues.  Stating that there is, "Pressure Building to Realize Greater Shareholder Value."  This highlights the negative mood Wall Street as a whole is having towards gaming this coming generation.  If you are a gamer and have some interest in investing in the stock market buy some stock, you are more capable than any of the analyst out there because you know the industry from the ground level and you read what’s going on first hand, not from an outsider perspective.


It is doubtful that Microsoft will sell off the XBOX because they just invested a Billion dollars into XBOXone game development.  This is exciting for any XBOX fan, since exclusives have always been the reason consoles sell the way they do.

AMD the manufacturer of the XBOXone’s internals netted $3 billion on XBOXone alone, but better yet for AMD is that its chipsets are what is powering every next generation system, including the PS4 and the Wii U.  AMD is looking good!  If you want to invest in something that will grow no matter what bank on AMD.


Wii U

It’s been a good week for the Wii U, what Nintendo’s advertisements and PR team couldn’t do for the Wii U; XBOXone’s PR team has done for them.  Amazon is selling both the PS4 and the Wii U as the worry free systems and sales for the Wii U have escalated after the XBOXone unveiling.


More good news for the Wii U is in terms of Sega’s support for the system, and in two weeks we will be able to try out Mario Kart Wii U and other games at participating Best Buys around the US and Canada.


While Unity users has been relatively quiet about developing games for consoles, the fact both Sony and Nintendo are supporting self publishing on their platforms lead me to believe there will be a slew of indie developers taking advantage of this, especially since the development tools are free.  I think the importance of Unity has been downplayed; games like Contract Wars and developers such as American McGee’s Spicy Horse are pushing the envelope on indie developed content.


Reap What You Sow, get involved and invest in the gaming industry!

Finally this week I wanted to promote the idea of investing in the game market.  There are no better-informed investors than you gamers when it comes to the Game Industry.  You should invest in it because we are the ones who will reap the outcome of what investments we sow.  I’ve laid down a few simple rules to investing and I hope you will have fun investing in something you are all experts at.




  1. Invest in the things you like.  Buy and pay for games from the companies you want to see succeed.  Success for many indie developers and big developers alike is how much of their stuff we buy!
  2. Don’t buy stuff that sucks.  For me, this is as important as buying stuff you love.  Showing a company you don’t like their tactics by not buying their stuff is one of the most effective ways to change their practices.
  3. Don’t sell stock because a company is having trouble or the media is attacking it, if you think the company is good, all that noise will die out and the company will prevail.  Last month every media outlet was bashing the Wii U and this month it looks like the XBOXone is the flavor of the month.  Ignore the noise, if you truly believe in your company weather the storm.
  4. Read a lot about the things you like and from a lot of different sources.  I like Forbes, CNet, NBC, CNN Money, Kotaru, Nintendolife and Wired.  Every piece of information can help you make better choices about gaming and picking game developers or foreseeing trends.
  5. Make ethical decisions and invest in stuff that you are in tune with.  For instance one of my friends bought a ton of stock in the oil industry from many different companies and he made a lot of money.  For me, I don’t believe in fossil fuel usage policy in this country and instead I invested in green energy.  I haven’t made a dime but I am happy with what I am backing and my friend is happy with what he is backing because he has a different set of ethics than me.


Peace out playas!