why even being an "always on" system will not matter in the least bit how many XBOX Durangos sell because the typical XBOX fan will buy it.

I want to be frank and honest to anyone who reads this.  Don't be fooled.

While I love gaming,  I will never buy another XBOX product because I had two of my brand new systems break down with Red Rings of Death within a month of each other, I strongly believe the XBOX to be an inferior gaming machine when it comes to graphics processing and the components inside it when compared to a PS3.  I also do not like XBOX gamer's attitudes when in defense of their subpar gaming system and the horrible interface of the XBlive or their OS interface in general.  Basically, I hate this gaming system to it's core.  Windows, Bill Gates, and Halo, are all good but the XBOX is not something that I have pleasant memories of on a personal level, and whether it sells well doesn't matter to me as a gamer.  Old wounds heal slow.

With that said, I also want to state, why even being an "always on" system will not matter in the least bit, how many XBOX Durangos sell because the typical XBOX fan will buy it.

Reason 1:  Brand Loyalty

When I was young, I had a Nintendo, I had a Super Nintendo, I had a Nintendo 64 and I bought into Nintendo's propaganda rag Nintendo Power.  I don't know why I hated Sega and Sonic the hedgehog, but I absolutely hated them and you could not buy the kind of loyalty I had as a child to Nintendo.

This changed around the time I got a girlfriend, she played Sega games and if I wanted to play video games with her this was the only way to do it.  Also the gamecube wasn't particularly awesome and I bought a Playstation 2, breaking my blood oath to Nintendo and discovering a whole new level of gaming.

It wasn't until the day I bought a PS2 that I realized I was being silly for swearing loyalty to a company, even though I liked that company a whole lot.

With XBOX owners, it's kinda like that.  They are my Nintendo fanboy phase, and their loyalty is for the XBOX.  Some of these people have only owned an XBOX for the last 10 or more years!  They don't know that there is a whole new world to explore, they like the brand and they like the controller.  They are used to paying to play online and are hardcore about their choice.  An XBOX owner is the first to show you all it's bells and whistles.  Heck that's why I bought one, a friend sold me on how awesome it was.

Reason 2:  Gamerscore ID

Xbox live owners care about something that some of us other gamers might not put much weight on or understand, a unique user ID that keeps track of your gamer score and achieves.  Also there is a little dude you can dress and buy clothes for.  People get attached to those things.  Would it be easy to get rid of your gamer ID?



Reason 3:  People Bought Multiple Faulty Consoles to Replace Faulty Consoles.

My biggest beef with XBOX is it's biggest strength.  Even though it was a bonafide lemon, with a 54% failure rate that Microsoft could not deny,  people continued to replace their ever breaking gaming consoles with more ever breaking game consoles!  I can't even think of an analogy to sum up the ridiculousness.  It is absurd.

What this shows is not only that XBOX gamers had money to burn but they would buy another XBOX even knowing that it would break down somewhere down the line.  Sometimes they would replace a 4th or a 5th system.  I know it was common enough when I replaced my second one and the same friend of mine who sold me on the XBOX mentioned the Red Ring of Death like it was a common problem and it's only a matter of time before you need a new one.  For me it was enough, and now I just rather come play Halo at my friends house than own a copy.

Reason 4:  Hardcore

If XBOX owners have proved one thing, it is that they are Hardcore.  Recently, I was talking to a co-worker about games and I told him I had a PS3 and Wii U.  He said something to me that even today I find funny.  He said I was a casual gamer.

In his mind I was a casual gamer because I wasn't hardcore into XBOX.  I've played thousands if not tens of thousands of games and I continue to game, and to this guy I was a casual gamer because I did not own an XBOX.

And this alternate reality is why it doesn't matter if XBOXnext is a box full of rocks with a yearly subscription.  People will buy it and it will sell millions.