So it's been a while, but I have finally beat Mass Effect tonight, so I decided to pop in my new game that I purchased Sunday.

If you haven't heard of Deadly Premonition, then you're not alone.  I hadn't heard about it until I read an article on this site and did a few more internet searches.  I decided to buy it due to the interesting reviews, stating that this game was so bad it's good, and because it was only $20.  When I popped it in my Xbox, I had no idea what I was in for.

Even if someone had described to me the first scene of the game, I still wouldn't have understood.  The title movie is quite strange, ans well as the small tutoring section.  You play an FBI agent who is on his way to a case in the middle of nowhere.  At first, it's strange, as he constantly talks to himself, part of his dual personality that is mentioned on the back of the box.  I got used to it, but only because I was tired of being slightly disturbed by it.  The controls are horrendous, as when you try to look around and the camera swings violently back and forth.

In the hour I got to play, I went through the entire prologue, and it was..... weird.  Your enemies are called "shadows", and they're basically people that attack you while their bodies are contorted, and you have to shoot or beat them until they stop coming after you.  I didn't quite understand how this worked, considering it took about 8 gunshots to take someone out, but just one hit from a steel pipe... whatever. 

What's the point of this game?  Well, I'm not quite sure.  I wandered around the woods for a while and near the end of the prologue, I made it up to a small town and was introduced to a few townspeople.  I'm supposed to be investigating some sort of murder that has to do with young women... I'm sure it'll evolve from that fairly soon.  Overall, this game is quite bad so far, but I knew that it was supposed to be like that.  There are very campy moments, like when my car almost hit squirrels and they ran away, making chimpanzee noises.  There's also the way the shadows die, saying "I don't wanna die" in a manipulated voice that makes it all deep and moaning.  I laugh every time.

I guess I might just have to be in the mood to play this game and really enjoy it.  I'll try it again tomorrow.... and will do my best to keep you updated!