So I finally reached that big plateau, and since I have so little to write about on my blog these days, I figured I would post this.  Now, I'm going to begin the long (and probably boring for you) task of tallying up what games gave me what score.  Are you ready?  I'M NOT SURE YOU CAN HANDLE THIS MUCH EXCITEMENT!

Batman: Arkham Asylum:  765/1000
Mass Effect:  295/1000
Mega Man 9:  20/200
Fallout 3:  690/1000
Geometry Wars Evolved:  40/200
Scene It? LCA:  600/1000
SEGA Superstars Tennis:  240/1000
Pure:  155/1000
Pac-Man C.E. :  35/200
Modern Warfare 2:  305/1000
Ghostbusters:  575/1000
Mercenaries 2:  180/1000
Borderlands:  495/1000
Shadow Complex:  150/200
Mirror's Edge:  390/1000
Uno:  55/200
Oblivion:  100/1250
Left 4 Dead:  385/1000
Bionic Commando:  Rearmed:  40/200
Resident Evil 5:  435/1200
Lost Planet:  55/1000
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3:  61/200
Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts:  130/1000
Pocketbike Racer:  65/200
Splinter Cell Double Agent:  120/1000
The Bigs:  460/1000
Lego Indiana Jones:  50/1000
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade:  35/200
Beautiful Katamari:  60/1250
The Orange Box: 140/1000
Kung Fu Panda:  310/1000
Bioshock: 650/1100
Aegis Wing:  70/200
Dead Rising:  160/1000
Call of Duty 4:  270/1000
Gears of War:  30/1250
Guitar Hero III: 5/1000
Guitar Hero World Tour:  15/1000
Banjo Kazooie:  20/200
Sneak King:  65/200
Prey: 655/1000
Saints Row:  20/1000
Dash of Destruction: 200/200
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe: 570/1000
Kameo:  160/1000

Forty-five games... that's a lot more than I thought I had played on my Xbox 360.  As you can tell, I'm not really a completist when it comes to achievements.  I'd rather play through the game as much as I want and rack up achievements that happen to come up.  My Gamertag connected to my profile doesn't reflect my true Gamerscore because I haven't been connected to the Internet in about 6 months.  What about the rest of you.  What are your Gamerscores?  Any of these games surprising?  And have YOU completed any of the  achievements for Mega Man 9?  If so, you rule.  :)