I succumbed to the peer pressure and rented this game, just to see if all the game lives up to all the hype.  So far, it just might....

I don't have online capabilities, so I must always stick to the single player of games.  Thus, I started the campaign as soon as I put the disc in the system.  I'm not going to explain anything to you about this game that you couldn't read elsewhere, but I'll give you a little description of how the beginning starts and my opinions of it.

If you have played the original COD: MW, then you'll be very familiar with the opening sequence.  Doing a little training, and then running through a course to get your recommended difficulty.  I was recommended regular (I SUCK! :) ), so that's what I stuck with.  Quickly, I was thrown into a firefight between my guys (AMERICA!) and some Afghan rebels.  The fighting was intense, and it really made me have to think about where I was, where I was going, and what I was doing.  I went in a few times to try and gun my way through and was quickly mowed down, and I like that in a game.  Soon, my team took care of business (clearing the streets and a school) and we were out of there.

The next mission was the ice mission that I saw in lots of trailers.  This was just as intense, but in the complete opposite way.  I was required to sneak around and pick people off one by one.  This was made easy by the snowfall, but I must be a really crappy player, because after about 6 or 8 times trying to sneak past and pick off one by one and getting caught, I finally just busted through everyone guns blazing and got through.  After an intense escape scene, it was on to the big controversial mission.

Maybe I have more of a soul than other people, but this mission actually got to me emotionally.  In case you're unaware by now, [SPOILER?] you walk through an airport with a bunch of Russian terrorists and just shoot whoever gets in your way.  I never really pulled the trigger because I truly felt bad.  Congrats, Infinity Ward, on accomplishing your mission.  However, I'm still glad I played it, because that big of an emotional reaction isn't something I've really had in a video game.  After taking care of the opposition forces and getting to the CRAZY SURPRISE ENDING, I finished the mission.

So what are my feelings?  I like the game so far.  It's very action-packed and is lots of things that a video game should be.  The story has been very good, and I like that it uses real countries (though I'm not sure how happy the Russians would be about the whole thing).   The mix of various approaches to levels is another bright side, and I hope that continues as it did in the previous installment.  I won't get to play multiplayer, and that sucks, but I think that I'll be satisfied with this campaign.

Oh, and for those of you that said that this is a realistic storyline, I heartily disagree.  I think you've been watching a little too much 24.  While elements could definitely be done, this is an over-the-top action game, and should be regarded as such.