Let me start with this:  I LOVE the Ghostbusters movies.  I watched the cartoon when I was a little kid.  "Who Ya Gonna Call?" is part of my daily lingo.  So when I heard they were making a game based on this fantastic franchise, I got excited.  Unfortunately, I never had sufficient funds to get around to it, but thanks to the wonders of mailed video game rentals, I finally popped in my Xbox 360 today.

To begin, I like that I'm my own player.  It gives the other guys a chance to banter back and forth, and the things they say are (usually) funny.  While I could see some of the humor getting old after a while, it's very entertaining for right now.  Running around with my proton pack, shooting at ghosts (is that a spoiler?  I don't think so... :)  ), and just generally causing havoc is very fun and fulfills childhood dreams.  The story isn't too deep:  seems some kind of haunting has occurred, and we have to run around and trap lots of ghosts, then figure out why it happened.  The way missions work is fairly cool, too.  So far, the game has gone from one step to the next without any time passing or anything like that.  While it does make for a 24-esque never-ending array of problems, it's a good way to present the game, in my opinion.

The controls are mostly easy to pick up, but there are a few problems.  I have played for a little over an hour, and I still can't figure out exactly how to use my "grappling" beam.  I also am not quite sure what the whole deal about crossing the streams is.  I obviously know it's a movie reference, but I think that I've crossed the streams a few dozen times and nothing has happened.  Whatever.  It's still really fun, and the proton ray causes all sorts of physics damage that is quite satisfying.

Currently, I'm having a good time wrangling the ghosts and throwing them into traps or the "Super Slimer" (a giant trap on top of the car).  However, I could see this getting old very soon.  There's not too much variety involved in the trapping.  You dodge projectiles, shoot the ghost for a long time (slightly longer than I would have chosen), then you catch them with your beam and try to wrestle them to the nearest trap.  Occasionally, some baddies will just blow up when you shoot them, but that's not much more entertaining.

Currently, though, I'm ready to get back to playing.  I love the dialogue, and would wade through boring gameplay right now just to hear it.  I love that the real actors are doing the voices, and I love that I get to feel like a real ghostbuster while I'm playing this game.  So here's to more playtime.  Let's hope this one works out better than Mercenaries 2.