So before I try Spirit Tracks at some point soon, I decided I'd go back and hit up this game that I never got around to when it came out.

I don't think it's necessary to explain a basic Zelda game to you, because if you're reading a blog on a video game website, you know what Zelda's about.  This game starts like most.  You wake up not knowing anything, and you're off to get a sword and then save someone.  This time, it's your pirate girl buddy, whose name I've forgotten (my bad!).  It opened with a cut scene, but the text went by so slowly and the story was so predictable, I just skipped ahead to the action.

Once I found the sword, I began the exploration of my first dungeon and quickly on to my first temple.  The controls are very good, as  you control everything on the touch screen.  Touching, sliding, slashing, drawing.... all kinds of different actions control what you're doing.  Not to mention the microphone being used to blow out fires (it might be used for more later, but remember, this is just the first hour).  Occasionally you'll get stuck while moving and the sword actions aren't always responsive, but it's not bad enough to ruin the game experience.

One thing I like about this Zelda is that the puzzles seem to flow a little bit better than they did in the other games.  Maybe this is just how it seems to me since I've played quite a few of these games by now, but in the past, I'd just sit there wondering what in the world I'm suppoed to do or where I'm supposed to go.  I think a lot of this is helped by being able to write on your map.  What an ingenious addition to the game!  I think that's an element that should be incorporated into more games of this style.  Now if we could only get a writing tablet for my 360....

So far, I've entered my second temple, and I had reached the final boss when the battery on my DS died.  I'm excited to finish the level and continue with the game.  I'm not really interested in the story, as it seems to be quite familiar.  However, I love the gameplay, so I'm gonna stick with it.  Hopefully this goes better than Mercenaries 2.