*Spoiler warning for The Last of Us: Left Behind.*

In the single-player DLC for The Last of Us, a great story I think people should really play, I became aware of how great the acting is in the game. I knew it was good in the original game but it really got my attention in Left Behind.

I noticed that in a few scenes, Ellie kept looking at Riley's lips. They would be speaking and they would be looking at each other, but I noticed that Ellie's eyes would wander. I noticed, and I thought it was weird that I was noticing, but then Ellie kissed Riley and I was not surprised at all. I called that! I noticed that! That was not even a secret or a shock, it was just subtle and fantastic acting!

I can't believe acting in video games has gone so far!

I suppose this is kind of unique to Naughty Dog right now, they have learned how to tell great stories with great actors and luckily their games are pretty to look at too. I'm only saying that if the industry moves forward with the new generation of consoles with this level of acting, it will be one hell of a generation.