Hey guys. I hate to start off with bad news, but this will be the last Community Update until after the holidays. Due to some senior thesis nonsense and a few other holiday happenings, I'll be taking a month-long break from Community Update and blogging in general. You guys are champs, though. I know you'll be alright without me. The returning Community Update in January will probably be one big ass list of GOTY posts. So, if you get yours done early and want to make sure I feature it, send me a link.

My Top Ten Games of the 2000's - H.E. Pennypacker shares his favorites from the last ten years. Not an easy task, but his list is pretty awesome and includes a little something for everyone.

I Am Gaming And So Can You - The Mildy Retarded Gamer brings to light the existance of some unnecessary game-related drama that I think we've all delt with at some point.

My Top Ten Tracks From the Halo Universe - Dylan Snyder talks about his favorite tunes from Halo, a series that never seems to fail when it comes to delivering the auditory goodness.

Why Do You Attend the GI Forums/Site? - Vermanubis brings up some really interesting points regarding forum interaction, blogging motivations, and the general state of the GI online community.

Preview: Dante's Inferno "Gates of Hell" Demo - Brittany Vincent wrote up a fancy preview on Visceral Games' upcoming third-person action game.

The Top 10 Most Unintentionally Scariest Moments Of All Time - Enigma takes the cake as far as Top Ten lists go this week. All I'll say is scroll down with caution.

Top 20 Defining Moments In Gaming - xyParadox gets all nostalgic with this list of pretty unforgettable moments in gaming history.

Tournament/Game Night Listings:

Street Fighter IV Tournament - hosted by sakabato24 

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament - hosted by FUNK LEGEND