I hope the holiday season is treating you well so far. I just finished up school for the semester and have been looking forward to finishing up some 2009 games I haven't had the time to play yet. I can't wait to see GOTY lists start to pop up in the coming weeks. I still need to play Assassin's Creed 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and possibly Murumasa: The Demon Blade before I nail down my final top 10.

So, it's been pretty awesome watching the "Best Game List" trend, made popular by the debut of GI's 200th issue, start to take some interesting turns this week with things like "Top 10 Zelda Games". A lot of people have been talking about Universal Orlando's plans to build a Harry Potter theme park, too. It was such a hot topic that I couldn't help but include a related post. Oh, and what's with these weird rumors going around about an Unofficial GI.com Community Podcast? Sounds super lame.

Have a great week, everyone!

Why Gaming Will Never Be Taken Seriously -

The 2009 Child's Play Charity Dinner Auction - DTJAAAAM shares some thoughts and photos from his trip to the annual charity dinner.

A Look Back At Gaming '09 (Part 1) - Craigaleg posts part one of his reflection on gaming in 2009. Instead of just listing his favs, he goes back month by month and highlights important gaming moments throughout the year.

The Legend of Zelda Top 10 Countdown - Fox lists his Top 10 Zelda games. What?! No Wand of Gamelon?!

5 Games That I Think Should Have Sequels Now - Ben Deckert lists some games that, in his opinion, are well-deserving of a sequel, which totally reminded me that I need to go back and finish Psi-Ops.

Harry Potter Theme Park -

Shhh...It's Coming - Fairchild VI unveils their plans for a community-focused podcast.

Tournament/Game Night Listings:

Street Fighter IV Tournament - hosted by sakabato24 

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament - hosted by FUNK LEGEND