Man, I did not plan on making another new game purchase this Fall. But after playing through the Left 4 Dead 2 demo a few times this afternoon, things are going to be pretty tempting come November 17th. I played through the demo content twice by myself (once on normal and then advanced) and once with one other human player. I plan on trying out some online play and 4-player co-op later on tonight. But, until then, I thought I'd share some thoughts I had while playing.

- How rad was that intro video? That's probably one of the best cut scenes I have seen in a long time. Of course I had checked it out a week or so ago, but watching it again while gearing up to play had me that much more excited about jumping into the action. I may or may not have fist pumped when Coach chainsawed through two zombies and a smoker tongue to save Ellis.

- I was so unaware of the extent of weapon variety in this game. In my time playing, I ran across three different shotguns, three different SMG-ish weapons, a sniper and two pistol types. Not too mention all the new melee weapons. Machete for the win, by the way.

- The sniper seems to be a more accessible weapon type this time around. I never saw the appeal in the first game, but the rifle I picked up had a quicker fire rate and a short zoom. I may actually give the long range approach a try this time around.

- I've really enjoyed the new special infected types, too. The charger is my favorite so far. The idea of a "glass cannon" special zombie adds a really interesting dynamic to the game. If the group spots a charger from far off, he's never a big deal. But when he manages to catche you off guard, he becomes a HUGE problem. Jockeys are hilarious and sneaky as hell and I absolutely cannot wait to play as a Spitter in versus mode.

- Any dormant "anti-L4D2" feelings I had were completely washed away once I as able to see first-hand how much of a graphical improvement this game is over the original. Everything from regular zombies to special infected, guns and environments feel fresh and revamped. I noticed some really nice touches in regards to the way zombies take damage and react to different weapon types. You'll be splittin' limbs and bashin' heads in a variety of ways. These changes are especially noticeable with the newly added melee weapons.

I can't wait to go back and play some more. How do you guys feel about L4D2? Anyone convinced to make a purchase on the 17th after playing the demo?