Within just a week since its release, I've already sunk more hours into Borderlands than any other game this year. Not unlike the number of weapon types in the game, there are 87 bazillion reasons why I love Borderlands. However, no game is perfect, and it certainly has its faults. Here's a short list of things that I think would make Borderlands a little more awesome.

1. Patch skill tree bugs - This one's kind of obvious and a fix will no doubt happen at some point. But, if you weren't aware, there have been some issues with skills trees in the game. The Siren specifically has some broken skills and players have reported loss of skill points and weapon proficiencies upon disconnecting from a game. On a somewhat similar note, I experienced a weird phenomenon last night where, upon switching from a high to low level character, I acquired a bunch of end game quests that I hadn't touched. Little bugs like those won't necessarily stop anyone from playing in the short term, but failure to address these minor problems could be hurtful in the long run.

2. Shared Item Bank - In a game so focused on constantly acquiring badass loot, it's a shame I have to trash so much of it to free up inventory space. Just last night I was questing with a my Soldier and found a lower level artifact for my hunter. In order to get the item to my hunter, I had to drop it in my soldiers game, have a friend pick it up, then drop out and join his game with my hunter. All that for one item! The incorporation of an shared item bank would not only be helpful for sending items to alternate characters, but could also serve as a place to store those insane items you'd like to hang onto.

3. Trade/Roll System - I realize people have been groaning about this since before the game even came out, but incorporating a player to player trade system would solve a lot of problems. I haven't had many issues personally, but I have spoken to friends who've quit games because other players looting everything or grabbing items that players were attempting to exchange. Giving players the ability to trade privately and the addition of a roll system for higher level loot would make things a whole lot friendlier. Although, playing with friends seems to negate these issues. Unless, of course, you have some super mean friends.

4. Character/Story Focused DLC - I'm gonna be straight up with you all. I couldn't care less about the overarching story in Borderlands. I have, however, really enjoyed some of the characters I've met so far. There have been some super funny and interesting characters and I'd love to play DLC that introduces more insane personalities or delves deeper into characters we've already met. While I don't know much about the first DLC pack, it looks like they may be headed in that direction.

How's your experience with Bordlerlands so far? What do you like? What do you dislike?