Gooooooood morning Game Informer! Another week has passed and it is that time again. So, exit your weather balloons, tell your attention-starved parents to call off the search party, and gather 'round for another exciting edition of Community Update! As always, if you catch any tasty posts throughout the week or happen to write one of your own, give me a heads up so I can be sure to include it next time around.

The Fall of Split-Screen - TheDarkKnigh7 addresses the lack of split-screen support for modern games and talks about why local multiplayer is still relevant.

Geek Culture Terrorism: Videogame Artwork - SnakeLinkSonic proposes the idea of an online community based around videogame artwork.

How to write an effective review Pt. 1 & 2 - Shawn offers some helpful review writing advice in an in-depth two part series.

First thoughts on Rage - While briefly taking a break from posting news stories at the speed of light, Manny dug up some sweet info on id Software's post-apocalyptic shooter.

My Roommate: The Noob - Supersnake tells a sad tale of what it's like living with a newb. Hopefully the first of many.

Get to know Jasper - Brandt details his unfortunate experience with every Xbox 360 owners greatest fear, the RROD.