It hasn't been an entire week since the first Community Update. But this will be alot easier to keep up with if I make it a weekend thing. So here we go.

A lot of awesome things have been happening within the GI community this week and the list is a little longer this time around. Again, I don't read half as many user blogs as I wish I could, so if you write or see something that you think should be included, be sure to let me know.

Gaming for the broke college student - VenerableMonster offers some excellent advice on how defend your gaming habit from the money-sucking monster that is higher education.

My top 10 Videogame Composers/Artists of all time - Xplay92's list of favorite game composers is the first of two really great music-related entries this week. 

Welcome FNG's, The unspoken rules of the community PSA - Zmagnum lays down the law with some great advice for people still getting used to the GI community.

When Games Speak - Molotov Cupcake explores the history and importance of dialogue in games.

The non-existant Middle-ground Gamer - We've all heard of the so-called "core" and "casual" gamers. Is there a happy medium between the two? A great discussion starter from Jack, The Quixotic Gamer.

First details on Visceral's Jack the Ripper - Manny sifts through some details on Visceral Games' recently announced Jack the Ripper title.

Sacrificing quality for a dollar - ThePinkPoo addresses the negative effects that strict development plans have on modern games.

Music Glance: Sonic the Hedgehog - SnakeLinkSonic celebrates the soundtrack of a Sega classic in its entirety.

That's all, folks. Check back next week for more GI community goodness.